I Said, He Said

A healthy planet I said.

Frank’s Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce he said.

Ying than yang I said.

Judgment than compassion he said.

The full moon is bright I said.

The beggars eyes are light he said.

It is a cute puppy I said.

You are blessed with breath and children he said.

The blessing of music I said.

Led Zeppelin, he said.

War and bitterness I said.

All is vanity he said.

To know virtue I said.

There is hunger he said.

To fly like a bird I said.

747, he said.

To know peace I said.

Is there one honest man, he said.

To see your face I said.

Meet your neighbor, he said.

My faith is weak I said.

Reality is not of the spirit he said.

So many in need I said.

A sadness to talk of he said.

So many rebels I said.

They become tyrants he said.

To love myself then others, I said.

Narcissism, he said.

To find the true path I said.

It forks many times he said.

To make it to heaven I said.

You live in Colorado, he said.

To have prayers answered I said.

To not ask he said.

To study and teach I said.

To do in silence, he said.

To not worry, I said.

Tomorrow I made too, he said.

To be left alone I said.

Six feet under, with garlic, he said.

I want to care for others I said.

I want you to not care what others think, he said.

To walk in Torah, I said.

To live Torah, he said.

To take care of my body as your temple, I said.

Again, Frank’s Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce he said.

To live my days for you, I said.

To live, he said. – 02.01.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Grammy (Reverie)

I called down a dream of Grammy, she arrived on a Sabbath day, I turn and she’s gone, now what’s told, stays long, and sealed in what she did say!

Your dress it is colors, a book of old stories, a vision in time of my youth. Did you not summon my mind to question, what is not seen, what is true? Grammy it’s summer, though I see winter, how can I touch through the gloom. There are visions wanting to open, wanting to dance with my youth. Are they the presence of what really matters, please in your latitude pray? Has ever color come from what’s over, have ghost delivered a truth?  Has fluid filled the stalk of a stover, my Grammy please tell me what’s true.

“What have you seen boy, there in red clover does the wind blow trouble this day”?

I know not faith that moves worlds over, I know only what my Grammy does say.

Last night I saw you, Grammy you shook me, I awoke my heart shaking, and you were gone. Is there a meaning, to what you were bringing, does my world now have long? Grammy you died, your white hair was dropping, birds were falling that day. In death was candor, of what would come after, thoughts of that child, and words arrayed.

There you are moments, katydids talking, blessing my heart as it storms.

“Boy there are watchers, some roam in daylight, some are moving, way too soon, listen and follow, what is found simple, G_D will not leave you to be ruined.”

Grammy no secrets, life has now found me, ghost are calling me out to play. Chilled falling season, heat all around me, I turn to see what you will say!

“Kindness is simple, it seeks no favors, it has been named in seventy-two ways, summon me no more, it is not natural, go and breath what this night has conveyed”.

Her dress in colors, then it was over, I awoke to find strange shadows at play. A note of a whisper, from spirit’s gone over, a tone from what my Grammy did say.

I called down a dream of Grammy, she arrived on a Sabbath day, I turn and she’s gone, now what’s told, stays long, and sealed in what she did say! – 08.30.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל



Ecclesiastes flowing from her red lipped mouth, dripping into my fulfilled sea, wrapped her wet abundant joys, north to south, and spirit in my body free.  My muscles cannot utter or my eyes reveal, my hearing of your raptured pleas. What we do together has already been announced, approved under the sun repeatedly. Some will say we knew of love when we were young, touched by a generation free, I will say I took your wisdom in my mouth, it’s clear that G-D gave you to me. I cannot saturate you with an earthly power, my vanity it frustrates me. Vexation with your knowledge leads me to announce, I’m missing what only madness sees.

Ecclesiastes, poured herself out in joy and wine, she sucked, her moisture off of me.  Her pools of water laden with her pleasure swelled, a mixture that possessed my vanity. It seems that if I came to conquer all the world, and owned, the treasures of the seas, my toiling would be wisdom that is gained, in self, my eagerness for spoil, I could not keep. For if I gain my knowledge and I know her heart, and if I lay with her substantially, it will not be enough to know what’s of her flesh, I will in lust be never free. For of her knowledge in this bed I would know joy, with recognition that it’s temporarily. For occupation comes to one who knows no heart, a frustration built on vanity.

Ecclesiastes said, that I have given birth, a still-born child, birthed out of eternity.  I know that with our love I must first cast out, and watch it come back to me. For it is true that silence and a rip in time, brings about life’s prophecies. There is a happiness that dies and brings forth light, a hunger that is toiled received. When we are two together reaching loves full prime, we rise above our vanity.

Ecclesiastes takes me in an open field, her courage in her love I feed, we cannot characterize or write our names as one for in that would be vanity. She tells me fear this matter till the end of time, for it is judgment, based decreed. I’ll love you Ecclesiastes when life’s undone, and finished with all my pride and greed. – 08.20.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

The Rite


Tonight while the weather’s cold, forget your own body, beholden your soul.  In thrilling moments while change draws near, smile with your last breath, cancel your fears.  Author your foothold on a sheltered claim, challenge, your spirit, determine your pain.

Know in the morning you’re a better man, for owning your birthright and blessing the plan.  Terrible thunder, an omen, a sign, comes now the lightning before we dine.  Treasure the stories from far and near, how the Hebrews held Masada and died in their tears.  How legends tell purpose emboldened by flame the shadows tell stories the lessons the same.

The chalice of forgiveness it comes not in blood, but strength of your wisdom, wealth of your love.  A warrior be willing, a sovereignty you will give, to build your own kingdom, and watch people live.  Your blade is still forging in mystical time, a tool of G_D’s temple, your melody to find.

I bow in your shadow of wisdom you seek, I raise you a builder, the star of the key.  What I was watching, a child at strange play, a builder of esoteric temples, a sorcerer has come to craft the way.  The fortunes of people you hewn from your stone, a temple to YHWH, a gathering home.

We sleep in the forest and wait the dawn, the seal of the starlight, I awake and you are gone.  I dreamed we were together, I warred with strong words, like David before me I sinned against earth.  Your delicate nature I found in the grove, a gathering of angels, in spirits and stones.  You prayed for sweet wisdom, your face how it shown, your destiny living in one alone.

The face of your childhood while vanished stills lives.  Incomparable knowledge born from this man, a branch of forever, scratched in your hand.  In shadows of pine trees we sang where we lay, the rite of your magic is born in this way. – דָּנִיֵּאל 02/24/2014