The Drift

Image – Reincarnation by Scott Frederick

I think of time, of where it went, not loss or purpose, just what was spent. I lived through portals of some lost sleep, of inclement eons that fall from reach. The drift before, me of wing and sand, the psalm within key, the ring or band. I bend my spirit to reach before, to cancel images from yesterday’s door. In time and circles we always meet, unfinished caverns where deserts meet. Do you not see me, have you not heard, the day before we met on earth. Silk revolution, in sapphire eyes, a stranger beneath these alien skies. I am in search of sparks of light, I’m near the end now, and I will not die. Tell all before me, that tend to drift, the love of someone, helps you to live.

The drift it happens, beyond the breath, it searches meaning in what you meant. It takes your notice of what you think, drowns your meaning in what it keeps. The drift is tragic if you have lied, takes all your past, you are denied. For in the dreams of what you bought, you must have given to those distraught. We dodge like warriors to defeat the end, to find like sinners there is no sin. We die and go before the drift, to circle forward, to begin again. Tell all behind me, before they drift, the love of someone, helps you to live.

I was not king or royal of men, before it happened before the drift. In truth I know not what I was, I needed someone to teach me love. In time it happened I passed beyond, took sparks before me, and touched the dawn. I fell a century, maybe two more, revolved in circles right through this door. What time or lesson, I have brought forth, Hashem’s energy that binds my core, it sends me forward to find the drift, to take within me a better gift. Do tell this legend, before you go, the lost, found journey that all will know, tell all around you, that will now drift, the love of someone, helps you to live. – 06.18.2014 –