“I am the mother and the daughter. I am the bride and the bridegroom, and it is my husband who begot me. I am the silence that is incomprehensible and the idea whose remembrance is frequent. I am the voice whose sound is manifold and the word whose appearance is multiple. I am the utterance of my name.” – Sorita d’Este

“I am beautiful with you” – Lizzy Mae Hale

She said would you try something with me, a favor of a curiosity of mine. A wager between a man and something, I think I read about this in one of your rhymes. Would you come in ecstasy with me, and ride your way across the great divide? All I need is for you to lay your soul down beside me, and sleep with me through your night. She said my needs have built up like your phantoms, those daemons that stroke what they find. Nothing can be built on indecision, and to be without you I would lose my mind. She said, I know the door is open and its January outside, but between us there is something warmer, and it feels like summer, please room temperature with that wine.

And I looked to see the falling mountains, the ones that had been inside my mind. In front of me, there stood no dark valley, just a land of milk and honey and sunshine. Then she came out glorified in me, like a gift of pleasure given in kind. There were spells, sounds, and the feeling of her breath, carving hallelujah on my spine. The chills of a mystical lettering branded from past times. Something that dwelled deep within me beyond the X’s and the O’s. Moving so far beyond my boundaries, a warmth in passion and grace undefined. She said, I know the door is open and its January outside, but between us there is something warmer, and it feels like summer, please room temperature with that wine.

She said would you marry Shekinah under moonlight; know the light of my body, it’s by design. Take a branch out of David and fill me up, know I am beautiful when you are inside. For my ways are in love with your shadows, your hurts are scars, that I heal in your mind. Come bath with me, do not wait until tomorrow, make one out of two, it is more than a rhyme. For we are much more than lovers, we are greater than lust of the world that binds. From left to right, I am a source inside you, make me beautiful, and now is the time. She said, I know the door is open and its January outside, but between us there is something warmer, and it feels like summer, please room temperature with that wine. – 01.11.2019 – דָנִיֵּאל

23 (Revised for the Blue)

מִזְמוֹר לְדָוִד: יְהוָה רֹעִי, לֹא אֶחְסָר.

There’s a blue moon in the sky that told you why, she’s the shepherd, she’s the keep, she’s the warmth inside your sleep, breathing with you, deep to deep watching Philistines that seethe, and still you hunger. Is that a feeling, for a sheep, a famine, or a leap filled with wonder?

When I gaze at Adonai, Shekinah circles wide, watching my old globes of cold, taking notice that I’m old, and she kisses me so long, how strange, my wounded heart beats strong, I’d forgotten I was wrong, strange a spirit, cannot see, I’m as quiet as I can be, then the thunder.

In blue light I have fallen, staggered hunger in my calling, born a number. I have gazed, lost and fighting, amazed, in terror’s sighting, I bow down, I am raised, scattered sounds of tongues detained. Is it my mouth you’ve obtained? Should I ask, while you explain?

בִּנְאוֹת דֶּשֶׁא, יַרְבִּיצֵנִי; עַל-מֵי מְנֻחוֹת יְנַהֲלֵנִי.

On inerrant you fill the room, making light of my gloom, and still I can’t believe, a little longer. Teach me to be a little stronger. Favorably sleeping dreamless, as you make my conscience free, someday I believe, I might can see. Serotonin, for belief, it’s all within a reach, like my reasons he maketh me. To lay on down and sometimes cry, let this life just pass me by, for a season. Hashem you promised me, let these sounds, be like the sea ever still that lets me sleep.

נַפְשִׁי יְשׁוֹבֵב; יַנְחֵנִי בְמַעְגְּלֵי-צֶדֶק, לְמַעַן שְׁמוֹ.

Whatever refining in destiny’s well, that has sought out to still my will, it has wizened my features, and deepened my skills and restored those sprites that like me. You have instilled, changes that quicken me, light that straightens paths before me. In your deified eyes, I believe, I know why, there is sapphire strength that guides me.

גַּם כִּי-אֵלֵךְ בְּגֵיא צַלְמָוֶת, לֹא-אִירָא רָע– כִּי-אַתָּה עִמָּדִי; שִׁבְטְךָ וּמִשְׁעַנְתֶּךָ,    הֵמָּה יְנַחֲמֻנִי.

There’s a lack of a conscience from the children of Cain that believes in the anger and the coming of shame. They march on our children, they eat of our feast they do under others of that which they seek. In times that I walk through the valley of grief with strangers all around me, but this I believe, you give of the pleasure of all that you keep, to watch and walk beside me.

תַּעֲרֹךְ לְפָנַי, שֻׁלְחָן–    נֶגֶד צֹרְרָי; ִּשַּׁנְתָּ בַשֶּׁמֶן רֹאשִׁי, כּוֹסִי רְוָיָה.

Forever this table an indigo treat, a blanket of fortune, that’s spread as a feast, in opportune timing, and delicate rhyme, you make me to shine, while darkness declines. Forever you want me, forever in blue, forever creator descendent in you. She builds me in moonlight, and traces my steps, and shows me to wonder, no something is lacked. This mercy and fairness, and freeness of will, forever not wanting, forever is real……..

  אַךְ, טוֹב וָחֶסֶד יִרְדְּפוּנִי– כָּל-יְמֵי חַיָּי; ְשַׁבְתִּי בְּבֵית-יְהוָה, לְאֹרֶךְ יָמִים.

FOREVER – 06.30.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל