Tehillim (Hallelujah 150)

She was naked, maybe couldn’t see, the best of sinners, then she found want in need, Hallelujah! Tehillim takes her to a higher place, Hallelujah! He’s been drunk since the day he was born, lost desire to even fuck more, then he found want in need, Hallelujah! Tehillim takes him to a higher place, Hallelujah! And all and all we are the one’s broken so dark we bleed, yet unto Elohim, we cry redeemed, we find want in need, and we cry Hallelujah! Tehillim takes us to a higher place, and unto the light, the seal of David in grace, we cry Hallelujah!

It doesn’t begin in the knees or the heart when something leaves, something deeper, by instinct a start, and unto the heavens we dance and cry, upon the altars to the red dawn sky’s. And then we know when we are through, we lost our dreams our addictions too, and when we come to one last step, we cloth ourselves in Tehillim, and sing…

We sing and twist ourselves to that, a still of light all magnificent, that which drowns our human things, and mounts us like a naked soul beneath our spirit king, Hallelujah!

Testaments are for those so weak, those in bondage who prefer to seek, but unto sinners who have faced the night, nothings deeper than when you take hold of the knife, and sing Hallelujah! Then Tehillim is a promise fast, unto those who have lost the past, unto sinners who grab hold and meet their Hallelujah!

Now between you and me, and maybe a host of readers too, maybe in times when I bump into walls, my addictions take me down to a place I crawl. Could be a time or two I think, it would be better to die and then to sink, those little strange times, you have been there too, when faith seems cold, let me tell you it’s attitude. For all my laughter and my scars, my tears, in silence when I’ve lost my fear, all those places that I drown to swim, something happens in my Tehillim, it’s Hallelujah…its Hallelujah.

Adonai, I’ve summed it all, brought my broken pieces to a place of your call, sang that I was human, and then proclaimed it all, what I sing, the Tehillim of heaven’s darker wings, its Hallelujah.

For the Damaged-Hallelujah – 02.04.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל