The Letter (Samech)

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.”

She drifts sometimes slowly, never broken from off the mountain, into the heart of my sea, a union that begins where that evening thought it had broken me. She settles deep, and soothes my wounds, takes me out and kneels me before the moon, yes in justice before the moon. “Look she says all around, is life, eternal, the wheel in a wheel, let go, be normal, rest in comfort, and just be here, and breath”. She takes my eyes from things around me, a letter opens herself in me, and all the restless fears of my nature disappear, everything is clear. She invades my pleasures, displayed within me, a spirit ring, a dance beneath me, the Tzadik of the world is near, so near. She speaks to me as final form, an inner journey in ladder form, so dear, she is so dear.

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.”

I’ve heard it said Samech’s a ring, a circle round of thought in we, that light of fire between our love, that turns us in, let’s say I believe. Come on you who have been felled by a daemon, enter the ring with me. Shadows fall within the light, a lunar ring, a conjugal rite, perfect, free, and endlessly. The world standing in and within water, a deficit waiting. Round and round beneath the moon, Ezekiel saw that wheel within you too, you see it’s within you too. So it takes you upon your knees, takes your breath, just like it did me, you’ll see, just like me. That letter is a perfect fire, a numerical value that never will expire, as said before it perfect, free, and endlessly.

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.”

I’ve heard it said it’s like Jung surmised, powerful footprints running from creation in your mind, and that could be, no problem that could be. The fifteenth letter of support, the foundation of a lifetime tree, for you and me, always and forever for you and me. But here it is a time to end, while this letter continues to drift on into me, so deep in me. Just know that as all ends, like a phoenix from the ashes I will ascend indeed, she is a part of me, and you too, I see her in you, indeed, perfect, free, and endlessly, oh my friends inclusively.

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.” – 02.09.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

A Kabbalah Story

“Everything comes from above, except our love”

She thinks that just maybe by changing her name, she’ll be something better, something better will stay. She’ll game all the games, a little bit more.  She’ll lose too much weight, until there’s no more.  When somethings less seen it’s hot her friends say, better not seen she’s hungry always. Well just the right face or just the right hair, a journey to somewhere, where someone will care. She listens to syllables to words that are said, we’ve all heard those consonants those verbs in our head. The game that she plays to pretend she’s not dead. Still all those same love tones, those ones that go by, the mere fleeting glances from empty blue skies. So upon a bare rock near Agnes Lake, the cold of the winter in sorrow she takes, one last look at heaven, the basest of skies, she cries out to Adonai, Hashem why is why?

“Everything comes from above, except our love”

Why can’t you say love you, why can’t you come down, compassion for emptiness, why can’t I be found? Why is there sweet rainbows some double in stride, but no pot of gold, why is it a lie, and where are the men you said would be my life, my daddy long gone, no husband for life. For thirty-four years upon earth I have tried, I’m barren in spirit, no more can I lie.

“Everything comes from above, except our love”

Oh silence, sweet silence, no word by and by, the frozen lake staring, the rocky crag nearby. She thinks to herself that it could be the time to fall to the weather, a dramatic goodbye. To be frozen solid, her breath seen for months, by high flying airplanes or angels or such. Why it could be that she is never found, that would be G-Ds payback, for not saying, not committing, not coming on down.

“Everything comes from above, except our love”

A pause of a second, above ice and cold, a woman’s reflection a thought does unfold. If little is given, how do you receive, if Adonai creates, what seed is belief, for light is an energy, that shows us to do, she thinks of what’s in her of what defines her mood. For love is the vessel, the harbor of life, the one thing that angels can’t maintain in rite. She see’s sudden answers from what, was once unknown, the light breaks the clouds, the wind chills to the bone. Oh silence, sweet silence, it ends now her day, she knows such a love for she gives it away, to Hashem, the light, the Ancient of Days, a beautiful ending to a once cloudy day. – 12.17.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

*Everything Comes from Above – Seth Breitman

A Whisper (By Night)

“By night”,

Come to nothing, rise to me, know about me, everything, eyes left shining, blinded by a labyrinth of destiny. All in all, strange night calls, like sweet Samuel heard it all, can my heart handle what a moonlight finger in the sky draws. Doors that swing inward out again, daring smart, strange spirits a wind, take the magic of your grace that tempers desperate dark pleas. Have you lessons while I lay, my face in the temple shade, so it is a strange array of breeze to me. Those rituals told by fire, with cuts of Baal and manmade liars. They the balance and the foe, they worry me. For round this world they come, again looking for wary desperate sins. Is it is not wrong to turn when you can’t retreat.

“By night”,

For I believe when you call, separate my life from it all, take my mind, and bury me in dreams. What is this, a cold stone floor, used by me to know much more, crawl those words of light throughout my head. Throw me out away from dread, love oh love a heat filled sea. Open wide the life of a star, a treasure, a light of a giver. “Samuel” just a whisper, for long, and twisting a child has died, turned in body then to rise, a force of Canaan all in mind, no words will move by me. A breath or a scream, they make no difference, they both speak life, and now they spin, within a sound, purpose Yisrael. El is found, no other will bow done, what do you have me sing?

“By night”,

In Eden a darkness, a land, with no room, for a king. Samuel a song, a word on its own, whisper a whisper, riddles are hidden and reasons prolonged, for that which you fear, a kingdom so near, that rises and falls, while you wait for me to call. A song,

“By night”.  A whisper.

03.23.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Games Someone Plays (Isaiah’s Chorus)

Wonderful, that tip of your mind, that part the rebel blind, thinking you can change the world, watching leftist dance in swirls. Do you not know, that change is a constant see, what you deem change for some, will be your frivolity. For indeed time is change, prepare yourself to see a new way, for all your cultural wars, will end up at your door. That hooded monk, the one with thesis that he wrote when he was drunk. Those points of liberation, come down to libation, he and all those since, those before with weapons spent, they change the world they say, oh nothing little rebel changes anyway. Blame the one you hate, you’re not full of love when you forsake, that one with which you disagree, they’re not so stupid, you’re the one who can’t see. This world has a day, war, creation all the same its foundation stoked in games someone plays.

Time immortal rolls, you think you bring the change when bells toll, those aren’t chimes you see, that is time laughing in glee. If you’re the left of sight, do you really think it’s, your eternal berth to change the world, to take from creations breath, and make things right. All is time you see, fallen before infinity, and rationale is rife, with faulty virtue, that, can collapse before destiny’s sight.

Oh little elitist games, those times at the Hamptons planning everyone’s day, those runs to Hollywood, to get your fine attention from those already ruined. This world has a day, war, creation all the same its foundation stoked in games someone plays.

Why trust the tongue, it utters nonsense at every sum, it turns the night to day, when only G_D can let breathe stay. Man will issue change, the nobody rules the honored of this day.

Constant in this day, change is meant for men who play, oh persistent when he stays, a lover, spirit, that does not change anyway, and still your blessing wanted, your magic summoned, your body wanton, before all encompassed, change is issued stay. This world has a day, war, creation all the same its foundation stoked in games someone plays.

Bloodstains, washed away, spirit by cloud fire by night, it stays. A shelter for the ones betrayed, a bosom for the ones who have been betrayed, a garden constant for the slaves of change. A world be known where there is no change, a constant tone where all can play, won’t you hang up your weapon and come play. – 02.17.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

G_D’s Own Tune

Come on, come out…exit this door, I invite you to come out and see that there is more. There in the field, there by what’s stored, there by what happens soon.  Known by your time, charted in tune, known by the month, there is no moon.  What’s left of old you, that part by the ruin, forgotten by lore, remembered by you, torn in your life, now made by G_D’s tune. The daemon a star, Azrael in strange bloom, that jagged old edge, will weave by a loom, what dragon you say, has entered the room, that slag off the edge, will chase desert doom.

Enter by time, G_D’s own tune that, thought lost, craven in wound, healed by the look, darkness in touch, bound now in sound, Aleph his much. Found in the plain, running through wood, divers in water, for all his good. While there is darkness, the kid sent around. Chastened by devils, your breath is found. While there is silence, found here in the dark, his love in energy, infinite spark. Did you not know it, while you came in ruin, there was your nighttime summoned by lute. Have you not heard it, G_D’s own tune?

Summed by your creator, all by energy, that alchemy, destined by the law of E=c digested free, two when he has you, G_D’s own tune, darkness from ruin.

Do you not know, or maybe can’t hear, have you not heard that firmly laid poem in your ear. From your beginning, wove like the night, is it not centered like energy his thoughtful delight. For what is cunning, by dark without might, when you are cut, there by those thorns, there is no light. It is then by his own tune, terror is scattered divided when there is no moon. What is the reason, for balance in might, all is a feature, all in its physics, G_D’s own tune. God’s own tune. – 01.22.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Even Faith (Leviticus)

Even faith unto Sinai, there by letter you decide, in your sounds and by your sighs, you made harmony. Unto ancient unto skies, parallel by rule and life, law intended deep inside, this tranquility.

There are roots that come up bare from the underworld, they do source themselves in law, and site their words unfurled. There are dangers often sought, that speak upon soft poems, like a syren with strange spell, their voices in soft moan. Have you drawn upon yourself, interrupted strange dreams, fallen into doctrinal wells, those where devils preen? Even faith the tides of life, taken from harsh black or white, these are all we try to find, in our fallen dreams, rules of law that one must find, no one sees them in the light, of their destiny. Has this world known not of right, has this shadow ruled this night, has this underworld found such that we should cry….? Bring us to tranquility!

Even faith unto Sinai, there by letter you decide, in your sounds and by your sighs, you made harmony. Unto ancient unto skies, parallel by rule and life, law intended deep inside, this tranquility.

For all who look, an over world, that strange path of pretty swirls, that work, that most would say hard, for eternity. Even faith the rules of life, those that bind us to a sign, into warmth a place of light, no mediocrity. You say do not carve yourself, pray before who claims himself, this is law unto oneself, can creation see, what you’ve made relief. All we are in matter formed, from your love before we’re born, oh your law unto this faith we breathe, by my G-D to me. Bring us to tranquility!

Even faith unto Sinai, there by letter you decide, in your sounds and by your sighs, you made harmony. Unto ancient unto skies, parallel by rule and life, law intended deep inside, this tranquility.

So it is, I turn to sky, every morning, every night, place myself before your light and breathe. Master of divinity, all the signs decreed. Over, under now you speak, oh Orion, from your keep, G-D of mystery, loose in me, now you root it all belief, touch those things I cannot see, even faith eternity. Balanced judgment, equal life, kind of spirit there are times, you invade and make these right in me. Even faith…..Bring us to tranquility!

Even faith unto Sinai, there by letter you decide, in your sounds and by your sighs, you made harmony. Unto ancient unto skies, parallel by rule and life, law intended deep inside, this tranquility.

So, even faith cannot be real, for in truth it lies and kills, has it become what’s not real, sidelined. Only law can instill time, bring about what is inside, bring the G-D that is mankind beneath. Waiting there in over world, tidings Torah for this world, watching stories, lives unfurl, even faith that’s lived by law, can bring…..tranquility!

Even faith unto Sinai, there by letter you decide, in your sounds and by your sighs, you made harmony. Unto ancient unto skies, parallel by rule and life, law intended deep inside, this tranquility. – 11.29.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל



I’ve paced my thoughts, well before breakfast, the day ahead gathers the tempest, the red string reminds me believe. A tug in direction, where somebody answers, her moons in sight, and it’s under Cancer, seven years seven and in the end relief. A morning arrives, without theatre, the harvest of dawn, reaches forever. Scythes or computers, she wields me in laughter, is she a trace now, or does my heart believe. From onward breaks the creature of habit, she weeps so long, and now there’s an answer, Rachel is rising, the contract enhancer, my breath in a moment feels like a dancer. I’m thankful for Rachel, she has let me in.

She knows me a shy boy, creature of habit, watching her bathe in all of strange magic, what of her eyes has led me to come in. Never alone until this pure morning, earth meets the sun, creators of stories, all of her sounds, my work will come to end, and then again. What was the time, that she cried for me, tracing my wounds, in all of her glory, all of my life, she has always been, within. Rachel is open, her womb transparent, smiling a song, her tune aspirant, is it still morning, a great day can begin. Imminent flow, I can feel oceans, tide of all life, in sunrise is growing. I’m thankful for Rachel, she has let me in.

Wonderful arms in slender beauty, into one she is my duty, where is the captive, I am no longer here, with you near. Blue into fire, of mornings together, chasing the sun into Sefirotic capture, no longer hope, but just a contracts end, with a win. Rachel the morning is simply a beauty, changed all my thoughts, no longer a should be, better when followed, then to ever lose again. Rachel is rising, the contract enhancer, my breath in a moment feels like a dancer. I’m thankful for Rachel, she has let me in. – 11.24.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

The Reincarnation of David Asher (Le Fey)

You have known him from what does not rhyme, you have sensed him running down your spine, in the mirror, at the traffic light, tasting dinner when he’s out of sight. There’s a story about a Sephirotic crook, bringing strangers from the fields of blight, what’s a story when he’s walked it through, seen that seraph, and he knows it’s true. There’s a price spun for what’s good and right, from beginning in the world’s insight, now he’s crying because he’s cried before, felt emotion, it’s what love dies for. Spinning circles in the lives of now, creation ever, and the soul knows how. He’s the stranger standing on the street, hearing and seeing what his lives do speak.

Is it receiving of a strange known sin, backwards masking, from Qabalah within, perfect faith in things known of now, from his lineage of who knows how. Is it tidings of a wayward sea, recognition of where he’ll be, placed upon him when he’s terrified, G_D’s own vision, or inward eye. Ten of Rabbi’s that die at night, quite the killing by Hadrian’s sight, David’s seed from before his sin, ten brothers who sold their kin. So it’s reckoned of all of one, generations for the holy one, David Asher knows all he sees, come he striding from a time filled sea. So it’s reckoned, of balance too, not all sadness for joy comes through, evidenced by glowing skies, you will see them and you’ll know of why.

David Asher walks and heals inside, knowing someday soon he’ll finally die, but before he meets the sky and sea, he will fill you with pure belief. Take and move about your room at night, feel and touch the switch that turns the light, did you know, that it would turn out right, don’t you seek the same when you have died. Deep to deep calls out unto the sky’s, birth of lineage into the night, David Asher by three thousand years, sings his fortune for his day is near.

You have known him from what does not rhyme, now you feel him, he’s you inside! – 11.07.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

The Drift

Image – Reincarnation by Scott Frederick

I think of time, of where it went, not loss or purpose, just what was spent. I lived through portals of some lost sleep, of inclement eons that fall from reach. The drift before, me of wing and sand, the psalm within key, the ring or band. I bend my spirit to reach before, to cancel images from yesterday’s door. In time and circles we always meet, unfinished caverns where deserts meet. Do you not see me, have you not heard, the day before we met on earth. Silk revolution, in sapphire eyes, a stranger beneath these alien skies. I am in search of sparks of light, I’m near the end now, and I will not die. Tell all before me, that tend to drift, the love of someone, helps you to live.

The drift it happens, beyond the breath, it searches meaning in what you meant. It takes your notice of what you think, drowns your meaning in what it keeps. The drift is tragic if you have lied, takes all your past, you are denied. For in the dreams of what you bought, you must have given to those distraught. We dodge like warriors to defeat the end, to find like sinners there is no sin. We die and go before the drift, to circle forward, to begin again. Tell all behind me, before they drift, the love of someone, helps you to live.

I was not king or royal of men, before it happened before the drift. In truth I know not what I was, I needed someone to teach me love. In time it happened I passed beyond, took sparks before me, and touched the dawn. I fell a century, maybe two more, revolved in circles right through this door. What time or lesson, I have brought forth, Hashem’s energy that binds my core, it sends me forward to find the drift, to take within me a better gift. Do tell this legend, before you go, the lost, found journey that all will know, tell all around you, that will now drift, the love of someone, helps you to live. – 06.18.2014 –

My (A Psalm of What we know not)

Graphic courtesy of Weaving Grace

My heart seethes, my texture turns into a rough and challenging sand, my shadow becomes another image of man. My danger challenges, my kiss leaps and catches sorrow where it lands. My distance stretches, and catches suicide, where daggers play, my eyes catch the deadly doctrine in the palm of your hand. My age is worthless, my time is your skin, and forever I am the interest of your anxious need to watch equality swagger drunken in a spiritual wind. My womb is open, my alphabet of relief, my Aleph to your fallen need to know why your love smells like roses and genesis to me.

My breath conceives, my air, a tumor that grows, and overtakes your softer need to touch the earth. My movement, my blood underneath your broken skin, a moment you know not, sheltered whispers I place upon your cracked and barren lips. My craven balance, my scent upon your brain, a footprint a Yod in mind from where all law begins. My oh my how you know not, my nature, my gift, my flame that touches bone the sound of Samech, endless divinity, that defies your end. My face that mourns not, a language long before you thought, forgot. My stars, my earth, my ethereal wonder in all of you.

My Tzadik, my faith shimmer of righteous shine, my sun before morning and my moon blood red before the blessed rise. My Zion, my tangled freedom set in Tav the impression of stone where nations die. My lonely fate, my rush in changing statute just to hold you with me. My Vav from end, my beginning in dreams that utilize the earth, my love for you, my light on and on, my expression, my Hei, my action in thought, fore thought in psalm music played, my you while letters seek the day. – 06/06/2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל