Depothika (Why Me)

He said, I walk the “Devil’s Backbone” with the lights of Loveland down below, and from here I see the answers, it’s the time apocalyptic, read from words so now I know. Now I answer when Augustus calls me, when he makes a certain sound. Like the church choirs all singing, till the bells come falling down. And the Hammond sounds decrepit when it plays the shepherd’s call not at all the way it’s master planned it, hear it quake before it falls. Still in all this morbid glory in the stars from which I fell, I look onward to a talisman west or east now I can’t tell. And in wrath in certain darkness, beneath the statue of the sky, I turn toward my darkened master, and I say as in reply! Why me?

In a spot torn of its glory, from a land that’s lost in its pride, I come ringing lust and story, thorns to place on weak insides, and I say unto the poor man, you’re not rich like that man there, go and take from his table, make what he earned your own lair. For all around you is injustice, peer upon it with your eyes, take from this land that is plenty, you’ll not be hungry ever inside. And know that no one looking can see you in daylight, but in the night you’ll come a crawling, your want’s not denied. The only question you must answer before the quaking of the dawn, is when your thirsty without an answer, look to him for then I’ll be withdrawn. And in wrath in certain daylight, beneath the statue of the sky, you will turn toward the darkened master, and you’ll say as in reply! Why me?

There’s a time, in place of calling, that has caused the fevered brow, of those good and lowly servants, beneath the heavens and the sun, on those fields not plowed. Now they suffer with their burdens, how they suffer all this night, and it is my time appointed to take their wants and make them right. And I call down fires of greed, and envy, oh I speak of hidden lust for the things that bring on misery, from my father who says I must. I see the eyes that think of present’s, of the flesh of hidden love, of having things most wanted, without the effort or the trust. And I look unto the fathoms of the truth that lies can’t touch, and I tell those most willing learn from me if you must. And in wrath in certain darkness, beneath the statue of the sky, I turn toward my darkened master, and I say as in reply! Why me?

Close enough to October 31, I suppose! – 10.10.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Black Steeple

Would you take a dime or two, for good feelings follow through, would you love so far and wide, give and talk it as you lied.  Would you visit a foreign land dripping Christ upon the sand, would you feel you’d done your part stab a pagan in their heart.  Would your ego cry a tear, just to assuage your spiritual fear, would you ignore your home on fire, just to feel good in the dark?  Would your charity create on lands away while your child begs to play, would you call a dog your kid, while a human starves to live?  Would you call a tree your friend while, we near the driven end, would you discuss what you’ve done in those priceless gifts you gave, while so many lie in graves. Would you chastise those who see, while you drive them to their knees? Oh black steeple, shrine of man, fallen Balaam, curse be damned.

Would you conquer with your fear, challenge logic far and near, would you steal a holiday, call it sacred in your way. Would you worship three unknown, call each religion your own, would you call a faith a need, then define a mustard seed. Would you seek to master craft, call it healing, that never last. Would you send your cash and bread, to a people you haven’t met, while your neighbor rapes his wife, and you turn a blinded eye. Would your channel prayers of cheer to a man you really fear. Would you live a different life, one in public, one in strife, would you say you give your all, while you’re selfish pleasures call? Would you measure guilt and shame, hide your treasure in your blame, would you wear your Sunday best, ignore the burden of the rest. Oh black steeple, shrine of man, fallen Balaam, curse be damned. דָּנִיֵּאל 03.13.2014