Tides of Light (The Confession)

This is the longest walk I’ve ever known, this path that brings me to a place, where I must atone. Some words have been floating by me tasting the breeze, but for once I’m getting ready to just be me. Some know me for my laughter, others think I have skill, the truth in all this chatter is I’m not honest still. For me to walk the tides of light, and be judged free, I must pull out some thoughts of war that rule over me. A broken man has no place that matters still, for deep inside his shattered life, deception has will. I do not wish confession on an altar pain-built, I’ll make my own admission before G-d at his will.

A word or two of caution for what you would hear, is not sin built on malice of that I am clear, but still I do remember what defines sagacity, a purse full of dollars from dishonesty. I wish there was a map of who I should be, a chart of holy markers defining personality. I regress from my purpose stalling this road to my goal, a few more words about me places few choose to go. For me to walk the tides of light, and be judged free, I must pull out some thoughts of war that rule over me.

I’ve seen the world’s compassion in a short crooked frame, it does not fit the picture of what most doers say. The words of crying darkness roll like sounds from a quake, but weeping doesn’t matter, just the words that I say. You see I stole and borrowed from what was not mine, I took and claimed tomorrow with my love undefined. I went into a kingdom that was not mine to keep, I made those ears that listened follow Balaam’s belief. So there it is in English and I need not say more, the terror that you’ll leave me, makes me walk even more. For me to walk the tides of light, and be judged free, I must pull out some thoughts of war that rule over me.

In a roadway, in a puddle, in a faraway sigh. In a goodness, light left standing, the still on the tide. Here you listen, here you bind me, and my madness does die. In the moment, all around me, I am given, I am human, I am owned in your sight, I am owned in your sight!

For me to walk the tides of light, and be judged free, I must pull out some thoughts of war that rule over me. – 08.22.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

The Place We Need to Be (Shadows of Sinai)

If we gather those slights together, those prejudices we recall, if we gather one together to two and then three more, if we lose inhibition and recognize narcissism as unbelief. If we enter faultless relationships, a man, a woman, a man, a man, a woman, a woman, a sacred obligation, a place to be. If we walk to the precipice, and know it holds the key, if we work without owing, without guilt, without doubt of labor done in need. If we bless, without reciprocity, if we feed without the need of charity, if we love, without faith, or need of priority, if we fall, in the shadows of Sinai, then we are at the place we need to be.

If we hike a jagged lifeline, and give sight for those left blind, if were honest in competition, with those who are lost behind. If we live our holy mitzvah, and cleanse our cluttered mind, if we receive all our failures, and forgive those who are unkind, if we live beyond tomorrow, after living just today. If we touch our hallowed children with a blessing every day, if we believe them before all others, when they do not go astray, if we ask G-D to trust us and he listens while we pray. If we delve to find the goodness in the challenge of our day, if we run for such a long hard race, and we still have such a need, if we fall in the shadows of Sinai, then we are at the place we need to be.

If we enter troubled water without guilt, and faultless free, if we bare ourselves no malice, while were sheltered with no need, if were born sacred from the womb, our eyes glazed with what we see. If we taste, if we own, if we do, if we laugh, if we dance, if we hug, if we believe, if we kiss, if we love, if we turn and fly alien free from this known world, if we fall in the shadows of Sinai, then we are at the place we need to be.

When my glory passes by, I will put you inside a crevice in the rock and cover you with my hand, until I have passed by. Exodus 33:22 – – 7.22.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

My (A Psalm of What we know not)

Graphic courtesy of Weaving Grace

My heart seethes, my texture turns into a rough and challenging sand, my shadow becomes another image of man. My danger challenges, my kiss leaps and catches sorrow where it lands. My distance stretches, and catches suicide, where daggers play, my eyes catch the deadly doctrine in the palm of your hand. My age is worthless, my time is your skin, and forever I am the interest of your anxious need to watch equality swagger drunken in a spiritual wind. My womb is open, my alphabet of relief, my Aleph to your fallen need to know why your love smells like roses and genesis to me.

My breath conceives, my air, a tumor that grows, and overtakes your softer need to touch the earth. My movement, my blood underneath your broken skin, a moment you know not, sheltered whispers I place upon your cracked and barren lips. My craven balance, my scent upon your brain, a footprint a Yod in mind from where all law begins. My oh my how you know not, my nature, my gift, my flame that touches bone the sound of Samech, endless divinity, that defies your end. My face that mourns not, a language long before you thought, forgot. My stars, my earth, my ethereal wonder in all of you.

My Tzadik, my faith shimmer of righteous shine, my sun before morning and my moon blood red before the blessed rise. My Zion, my tangled freedom set in Tav the impression of stone where nations die. My lonely fate, my rush in changing statute just to hold you with me. My Vav from end, my beginning in dreams that utilize the earth, my love for you, my light on and on, my expression, my Hei, my action in thought, fore thought in psalm music played, my you while letters seek the day. – 06/06/2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל


Artwork courtesy of Gitzengirl.blogspot.com


Do you touch Orion, Hashem do you thread my clothes, do you really take me to the places I hate to go. Is it really thought, Hashem, philosophy or time, have I really given you too much credit in this rhyme? Sometimes weak as ashes, blowing in wild wind, I turn myself for lack of water, I cannot let you in. Is this really a covering, escaping from my life, is the name I call as one, laughing while I try. Who is made in heaven, leader, who is sown in hell, what remains a given reason, why my spirit fails.


Did you know my chosen heart, you never really fell, I touched you like a perfect love, and kissed your soul as well. Light as cold as darkness, and holes as deep as hell, have passed you from their judgment, when I destined that as well. You are like a feather passed upon my dream, in a place that fire can’t find, I will never leave. Take your place from sacrifice, bleed yourself no more, you ask for reason in sullen grace, I ask for so much more. Pause yourself a moment, breath and say Selah, simple as a twinkling caught, a prayer in double thought.


Fears and thoughts of afterlife, they make my world turn black, cast my lot with cross and nail, and then it nailed me back. Is this the way you planed it, a sacrifice of war, a starving wound of death and age, a lust that feeds my core. Where is my ride on star field skies that lets me touch your face? Alone I die a strange sharp glass indignant, lost upon this human race. What pause is this you give me, when darkness it moves so fast, is this a place of silent stares lost in a cold caress?


Quiet, in thought, and touch the air, and pause your thoughts of grief, I did not bring you from my mind to watch your unbelief. What is the time that you have made, that I cannot make more? Stillness is my love for you, I’ve never loved you more. Selah in place of higher air, a place worth far much more. In mortality a light is changed, your shadow leaves the room, fair beyond the space I’ve made, is pause I heal your wound. Selah in land that moves and shakes, in witness it does shine, a pause for what Selah creates, I claim it all as mine!


2014_07_05 – דָּנִיֵּאל

The Frozen Covenant (A Conversation)


It’s okay if you keep walking, or maybe you want to sit awhile.  There was a place back there away from some of the noise of traffic.  In reflection yes the day is a bit cold.  To me it signifies judgment, that’s a part of me.  Why yes I think there is need.  I like to term it as a frozen covenant I maintain.  The explanation you’re seeking is available but probably not from the source you’re seeking it from.  You seem to have a lot of questions this morning; I’ll try to answer them one by one.  The truth is you will probably find them answered if you listen a little more and talk a little less.

I like that shirt, the color looks good on you.  That Sapphire blue has always been a favorite of mine.  One of these days you might have the opportunity to experience the reality of the creation of Sapphire; I did a whole solar system one time, just Sapphire.  It looked like a trillion blue dwarf stars really nice.  Everything being in balance like it is of course I had to do another cosmic way in Obsidian.  The whole system is very glossy but really cold, much colder than the weather you’re experiencing on your little outing today.

Getting back to some of your questions, I have a couple of observations to make.  First, your wording is not really original, I hear the same words from a billion tongues, a few times each day.  Second, in your lack of originality there seems to be a lot of overuse of the words why, need and blessing.  With such simple words, I know you are expecting some very complex answers from me.  That is something that I sometimes take a little private pleasure in, that so many of my creations conjure up a mythical complexity that they apply to me.  I don’t want to get off topic here but the reality is I created the universe with one syllable sounds and words.  Yes don’t look surprised one of them was bang.

Let’s discuss this why word first, my guess is that your thinking you will have your needs met and be blessed if you know the answer to why.  I created guessing and I can see by the look on your frozen face that I’m spot on here.  Just so you know why is a topic that both compassion and judgment have been wrestling around with since the days of Eden.  Just so you don’t misunderstand as I know you are prone to do, I do take this all very seriously.

This whole raining on the just and the unjust deal that was spun around a few years ago I think you will agree has not given much comfort to my creation of which you are one.  I find that those who seldom seem to find themselves in a sticky wicket like this line of delusional philosophy the best.  It’s interesting though, let them go blind, lose a fortune, or a child, and all of a sudden it can go rain in Sheol, there is a strong need to know why.

I know you have a day to get on with, as do I, so I will not suffer you with a history on the subject at hand, although I would encourage you to delve a little deeper into the code that holds the story of Job, it might help to benefit your future or better your outlook in some surprising way.  Really scratch beyond what you think the meaning of each word is.  Apply what you learn to your life just don’t talk about it.  Just between us there are far too many talkers on this planet, and not many doers.  The balance gets a little off when things are like that.  I find religious zealots enjoy the chaos.  What would surprise them is I don’t listen to them much.

I mentioned a little earlier, when you were sneezing out by the road this outlier that I maintain called a frozen covenant.  In a nutshell, and yes I do use the term often but mostly by the acronym “NS” the frozen contract is between my compassion and judgment.  The balance that keeps both sides of the covenant out of a blood feud is the concept of honesty.

Your teeth stopped chattering which is a sign to me that I have probably hit a raw nerve.  You know a few years ago “Billy Joel: did some nice work on his song “Honesty”.  When you’re studying Job, you might want to listen to that song a few times as well.

This concept of honesty bears a truth that answers why.  The frozen covenant that I have established between Grace and Din renders that the truth my creation bears within its self and then unto others will render why invalid until old Heaven and Earth pass away.  The surprising addendum to this covenant is that the other two common words you brought into our discussion early on are also covered.  I find that the balance of honesty between my compassion and judgment also delivers blessing and fulfillment of needs.  I am glad to see you’re interested.

I like to complete these meetings we have with a little pick me up.  I want you to know that I like what I see in your future.  This honesty concept is a tightrope you’re going to have to maneuver between my judgment and compassion in order to help me fulfill my frozen covenant.  I would suggest that since you have started with me you move onto yourself and then watch out “Nellie” you’re going to practice it with others.  In the meantime you have a great walk, its cold out here so keep moving its good for the circulation.  I’ll see you this evening after dinner.