Area 54

Area 54 now baby, that’s the place I’ll be, come down on this sandy lady, November 3, for me. Has the world just turned around crazy, quicker than should be. Water flows through Scorpio lazy, breaking birthday free. First I kneel and thank my spirit, than we two believe, count the hairs upon my fortune, those G-D gave in seed. Write adventure in this story, this life built in me. Sacrifice you wish not altars, when this altars, me. Four and one plus four spins character, years of pain and creed, destined for the great make over, where the sun meets sea. Bare my eyes for viewing future, these years incredibly. Area 54 now baby, pray for all in me!

Area 54 now baby, it’s been quite a treat. Layered fire upon my heart, that’s history changed in me. Today, tomorrow, that’s pure story, cut clean soul decreed. In sapphire blue bathed glory, soldered joyously.

For it seems like yesterday, when the wind folded to the ray, and like, the alien deed, you planted this rhyme, on a reef. There you cured me, sought me, lured me, and while the age appeared to bind, you changed my spatial spirit lines, and what I love is all loved free. From fifty-three, now I see. Area 54 now baby, pray for all in me!

Area 54 now baby, a breath for eternity. What’s a date of time or order all is vanity. You deem stars and saw me former, when you planted me. What is love, that it needs faith, what is honor, when words fade? When you sent me, dropped me, from your place of space, you directed me. You whispered be.

Now and then, I think no reason, chaotic shame aged demon, think the years have been a treason. Then a saucer fly’s the night, brings to me a lullaby, says it’s just your place to be, there in time with me, and then I sleep, baby, how I sleep. Area 54 now baby, pray for all in me!

Area 54 now baby, that’s the place I’ll be, come down on this sandy lady, November 3, for me.

On November 3, 2014 I will be 54 years old! – 11.3.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Praetorian Child


Praetorian child, guard that surrounds the brilliance of the soul.  Gift to the lonely, wonder without blame.  Still shooting star that follows G_D’s logical reunion, and wisdom’s final reign.  Spectrum of the cosmic, author that writes melody and places it as genius in human hands.  Forever your vision, not held backwards, or present undefined by crooked emotions or the fall of sinful man.  Graciousness shown, without expectation his soul is revealing the Torah unknown.

Praetorian child, seraphim that guards magic, molecular thunder, refinement of grace.  Contraction of darkness, deflection of sorrow, definition of love in YHWH’s eternal embrace.  Inside the numbers, the patterns of logic. The art of enchantment my son you have shown me the light of his face.  In tactical drawings your fingers striking wands of fascination divining great treasures from your preconceived plan.  Destiny of energy, my joy of beholding the secular puzzlement of knowing you can.

Praetorian child, Augustus of marvel, you guard in strange beauty, G_D’s gift to this man.  Some nights when you suffer, bad karma of others, the ghost of bad keepers they come then retreat.  I watch as you see pain and taste of its poison, but still in your essence you never concede.  In death of life’s vanity, I kneel on my kingdom, you guard me in heaven with your gift below.  Our laughter in danger it lights our way further, my guard of the present, forever we go.

Some would define certain of our sons and daughters with a “SPECIAL” title.  Some would tag them, and watch over them in awe and trepidation.  How we regress in this enlightened Age of Aquarius!  I see them as Praetorians!  They guard our inhumanity, and although some would define their lack of social expression as the lack of a soul, they are our soul, and they walk for us where angels will not go.  This is for my son, who through this life is my Praetorian! – DS 02-17-2014