3 days past-

I woke up early this morning, from a dream. My Grammy, is telling me to walk in beauty, be who I am, stop searching for G_D, she is not lost. Stuff like that. Of course, I am not one to let things go. Her words have been on my mind all day. I suppose it is a gift to have a spirit talk to you. Dreams or not. Who am I to say? I am another year older today, and the familiars are starting to fade away. I know they know who I am, and where I live, I suppose it is time I knew the same!

I wondered if you would know me if I just spoke aloud, came beyond this mask into view. Brought down all the verbiage of how I know how, and just mouthed words from me to you. I read upon a time that G_D is a verb, and then I saw that was not true. I have found you cannot conceptualize the ideas of all we are, and factionalize it into truth. I do not think you will find me a poster child for the better and the wise, but still between the lines, I think you will understand. What is good about me, rest from somewhere deep inside, not instilled there by G-D or man.

This day is so uncommon, that it strikes me as surreal, surrounded by an empty thought reprieve. It could be that this is just a gift from G_D to such a fallen man, or may be a blessing on my birthday. So here, I stand just mouthing words, and trying to take a stand, to know what is real, or just perceived. The spot I am staring at, lies just up ahead, it falls into the open skies beyond a holy belief. And…

Just beyond the Seraphim, the chorus of tumbled stars, just a point a little higher than the body that we are. Over in a cradle by the ending of how far? Comes the light of G_D that reflects my dry, dry bones. The spirit to which to aspire, I have come this far.

Perhaps it dose me better to speak from this view, to recognize a pattern of what is not new. To believe that once again you hold me just above the stars, no matter what my age perhaps I move as they are. At fifty-seven, I cannot conceptualize the ideas of all I am, and factionalize it into truth. That is the truth, yes, yes, that is the truth! – 011.06.2017 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Eagle Rock (55)

Move a little bit, and open up your door, come on outside with me, it’s just a little holiday to celebrate something, higher than our eyes can see. For up there really far on the Mummy Range, a trail twist and turns then it bows in pain, it introduces itself as my life and gain, for it is me, on my birthday it is me. Eagle Rock it lays like a woman spread, at thirteen o seventy elevations head, such a pretty site and its Hagues Peak, on my birthday where wings are formed, it is me. Come a little closer with your broken dreams, hike a little higher, with your shattered seams, know if I can do it, through all of my life, you can too, on Eagle Rock, turn around, let loose your arms and fly.

On my birthday brother you could see if I rhyme, tell a pretty story about this high mountain climb, but I’d just laugh and say it’s been all my life, nothing’s changed, I’m the creature of a habit of the G_D with no name. That brings me to a subject here on Eagle Rock, stretching my hands toward the summit of naught, sister let me breath in your ear a dream, I am free, in these seventy-two names, I see, you can too, just breathe. After all in all those circles, and those thoughts of blame, you been around this lonely mountain in a time of shame. Time to climb it with your teeth bared in a grin of flame, climb it high, to Eagle Rock.

From here above the timberline an eagle screams, I match it on my birthday, for all it means, I’m something born of Torah, while the whole world sings. Here on my day, the dead move away, for I am alive, on Eagle Rock. Come on dance with me, through the bare aspen lot, climb a rocky trail, breathe, be who you were told you’re not, here above the common traits of man, find your soul, on Eagle Rock.

Move a little bit, and open up your door, come on outside with me. It’s just a little holiday to celebrate something, higher than our eyes can see. I’m fifty-five years old, and I’m born in peace, here I am, come with me, on Eagle Rock, blessed be, on Eagle Rock. – 11.03.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Come do the Eagle Rock with me, it’s my birthday, I’m 55!!!!! – “Well I feel so free” J

Area 54

Area 54 now baby, that’s the place I’ll be, come down on this sandy lady, November 3, for me. Has the world just turned around crazy, quicker than should be. Water flows through Scorpio lazy, breaking birthday free. First I kneel and thank my spirit, than we two believe, count the hairs upon my fortune, those G-D gave in seed. Write adventure in this story, this life built in me. Sacrifice you wish not altars, when this altars, me. Four and one plus four spins character, years of pain and creed, destined for the great make over, where the sun meets sea. Bare my eyes for viewing future, these years incredibly. Area 54 now baby, pray for all in me!

Area 54 now baby, it’s been quite a treat. Layered fire upon my heart, that’s history changed in me. Today, tomorrow, that’s pure story, cut clean soul decreed. In sapphire blue bathed glory, soldered joyously.

For it seems like yesterday, when the wind folded to the ray, and like, the alien deed, you planted this rhyme, on a reef. There you cured me, sought me, lured me, and while the age appeared to bind, you changed my spatial spirit lines, and what I love is all loved free. From fifty-three, now I see. Area 54 now baby, pray for all in me!

Area 54 now baby, a breath for eternity. What’s a date of time or order all is vanity. You deem stars and saw me former, when you planted me. What is love, that it needs faith, what is honor, when words fade? When you sent me, dropped me, from your place of space, you directed me. You whispered be.

Now and then, I think no reason, chaotic shame aged demon, think the years have been a treason. Then a saucer fly’s the night, brings to me a lullaby, says it’s just your place to be, there in time with me, and then I sleep, baby, how I sleep. Area 54 now baby, pray for all in me!

Area 54 now baby, that’s the place I’ll be, come down on this sandy lady, November 3, for me.

On November 3, 2014 I will be 54 years old! – 11.3.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל


So it is I want to tell you from the deepest part of me, what I know about my birthday, and the love around me. What you wonder is a strange boy, and you judge inclusively, from your books filled full of knowledge and your lessons that you read. This untruth will not prepare you for what I give in luminosity, just a story from a young boy brown endeavored, born to destiny. Sweetness lullaby my daddy, sweetness sings his songs to me, and at three we talk of angels, and its angels that I see, though I know there’s education with all of its degrees, it cannot not love me like my Adonai, he sighs, he breathes in me.

So let’s talk about my brown eyes and those pupils that you see, what is there upon the surface is not what I really see. There are patterns of behavior that surround like blowing leaves, some are blessings, in depth memories, of the way it used to be. There are those that guess at what I am, to predict sociability, do you not know I have seen you in your fallibility. I am born like many others, in special mentality, it’s my birthday, time to play, and open all the world to me. Have you looked into my brown eyes have you seen anything, do you know my soul goes outward like a vacuum and it sings. What then, you think that’s magic, born upon a simple lad, that’s just brown eyes of G-Ds kingdom luring love from hate gone bad.

In the deep dark lines of color that irradiate my sleep, I am brown seeing others, and it brings me sweet relief. There are ashen thoughts of knowledge that reflect intuitively, from strange places in my hemispheres that equate so logically. For in G-D there is equation, on my birthday I have seen, from one brown eye to another, his grace given spatially. So it is I tell you something from the farthest part of me, what is brown in all its color, is the love bequeathed in me.

For my son Ryan on his birthday, he is life seen brown. – 09.03.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל