Second World

“It’s when I die in this life, that I take refuge in a parallel world.”-Anthony T. Hincks

It came floating by just the other night, as the clock chimed three, and I thought isn’t this nice, that there’s hardly a wink before the morning light. Might as well enter in and see my other life. So, it is I pushed forth at least I thought I did, climbed a little bit and then I took a skid. Fell a step or two into a this and that, heard a note take flight, and an audience clap. For a second or two, I was in real life, then my second world gave me flight. My second world gave me flight.

In my second world, there are witches there, and they seduce me, as they comb my hair, say they unto me, we see all your dreams. Say I unto them, I choose all you please. There are twist and turns in my second world, and the once upon a time becomes a present mural, and all through the seconds as the time goes by, I think it’s kind of cool how my life has revived. For over here, is over there, and what’s majesty, is what I deem is fair. Like a spoiled child, I spell my wants in the air, in the second world no one cares. In my second world no one cares.

I heard a band that played in my second world, a song was played just for me. In the glen of trees, in my second world, where the mist comes down, and pirate flags unfurl. Heard a fender play pomp and circumstance, as a trail was blazed to a crystal sea. A special occasion on my graduation, from a pawn to a king as I spread my wings, and saw what I could see. Yes, I said to myself as the lights displayed, shining bright as day, found myself dancing naked on a mountain stage. Who would ever think that I am made this way? One-part man, and one foot in a magic grave, all that G_D made for me. In a second world. Let the music play on and on, let me leap and twirl in my second world. In my second world.

As I typed just now, I saw my second world, spinning by taking me for a whirl. For a second or two, or a life reprieved, I found myself just a boy so free. A Hardy Boy in a mystery, finding answers all around me, of what it meant to be me. I found through it all I was free to choose to be me, in my second world. In my second world.

And, I….

Loved and I loved

and I loved some more,

and I christened my life,

and I loved much more,

and I found my second worlds, back door. It became my first world’s core. In my first world’s world. -05.10.2019-דָנִיֵּאל