“Life without a friend, is like death without a witness’. – Spanish Proverb

Sunday, January 11, 1975

“What are you drawing”, I ask him, bending my neck over to get a better view of the pencil scrawl, Davis is working on. “Just our lives at the end”, he grins pulling the piece of paper away and holding it up to his chest, where I can’t see it. “How does it go”, I ask him trying to sound a bit miffed at not being able to see it. “Well,” he says slowly before laying his artwork out before me. “It’s like we are the last owls, all the other owls are gone, and we are late for the sky”. One of us must fly and see what the other side looks like. “What happens to the one of us that stays”, I ask looking at the picture that shows an owl in a mirror. “The one who stays”, he says slowly, now no longer grinning. “The one who stays, looks for the reflection, to show him the way to go”.

He flew into the Western sky, one companion true to the other, knowing one would become a Yeibichai, knowing one would be left alone without a brother. The heavy sound of knocking, the forceful wind, in fight, the traces of burning wings, the death on high that makes me shutter. Oh you, just you, have crossed somewhere, left me to live without a rudder. Flew you alone, late for the sky this world has cha cha changed, oh how I stutter. Those sounds of ghost, the holy host, left you to go my wings can’t flutter. My world has changed too many times, I shriek I cry, so empty now, one owl alone, oh how I shudder.

On, phantom tides, the darkened queen has come. She picks your name, while I sit by. She calls you her bird of prey. Oh, is it that you are me? On that dresser of hers sits a mirrored reverie. One in which she pitches your name, the feathers fall it’s never a game. She mixes a cup, and life fills her up, but still there is destiny, the two of us fly eternally. For if I were to look into the mirror, see the high desert flowing all so clear. Know I am the last owl, and the hour is late. Experience the shadow of your fate, then I will see the pattern of the sky, know every reason for why, and then I will fly, so high, then I will fly so high, even though I am late for the sky.

“I think it will be me, that flies first”, Davis says. He’s grinning again, and it seems if I look close enough, he does indeed, seem to have a light down of feathers. “Don’t go to early”, I say, not feeling like grinning myself, for the hour is early, much too soon to be speaking of such things. “Yeah”, he says, “still, still, it has to happen someday”.

Davis Begay flew from this world on November 22, 2021. He was late for the sky. He was my dearest friend, and blood brother. I shall miss him so much. I think he would want me to find the reflection, he drew all those many years ago, and chart my own flight someday. For where he is there is only sky, and in it owls fly both day and night. – 01-11-22 – דָנִיֵּאל

73 thoughts on “Davis

  1. Dearest Daniel,
    Your loss has to be tremendous with this dear friend passing away. Still your words brings a mystical comfort that he is still here guiding you on. Blessings upon you and his family for today and the days to come. This was a beautiful tribute.


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  2. Such grief is hard to express, but you have done it well here. My your friends journey be smooth and may you see the reflection you ned to see at the appropriate time in your own life.

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  3. Daniel you poured your heart out here and it is as deep as one might imagine. Tribute, eulogy or just expression of great sorrow, it is well done. May you find peace in your own words.

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  4. It is tough to lose a good mate, tougher still when you have known him or her your whole life. Well done in writing this piece. Could not have been easy. may your mate rest in peace and his family hold comfort as well as yourself.

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  5. I was so sorry to hear about this loss. Your childhood friends have been of such strength to you. I remember you writing of losing Jason and now Davis. May his family and you find comfort in the wonderful words you have written. Shalom, Heather

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  6. Dear Daniel,
    I am truly sorry for your loss.
    This piece is brilliantly melancholy. Within its sadness, you have shown a great friendship and much love.
    You could just say, he was my best friend. It’s true, but it doesn’t fly. You have made it fly!

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