The Thin Wire

“Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it”. – Hunter S. Thompson

It took place by a dark bayou, the war in her mind. It raged both within and without her. It happened with hardly a sound, say that gasp she heard before she gave up the ghost and simply went away. Simply went away.

The Daemon’s eyes were lightning, seizing the warm June air about his glare, making it smell of Sulphur and musty faire. He spoke in a voice of judgment taught to him by his father the deceiver. It was his only weapon. His words formed circles around the head of the brown haired maiden, and with each syllable that was twisted; she jerked her body as if she was receiving pain. For indeed she appeared bereaved, and sadly enough her image itself began to change. It was with a ghastly sigh, a sorrow untold, a difference between the fantasy and the lie, the keeper of breath and the devil that defies. The war of the mind between judgment and the divine. The thin wire that separates the divide.

Still, lay still my faire maiden, rest thy torn, and shattered mind, gentle here by this dark water, a bottle by thy side. Gone is guile of some temptation that is to try a greater high. No more days of emulation, loss of weight the candy’s eye. Now we see you in death’s slumber, form so small beneath humid skies. Shadows summoned, wrap around you, a smaller form, have not seen I. Ere the cries of those who love you, those to whom there was no bye. Read they now of your alienation, in “The Catcher and the Rye“, and how the thin wire breaks inside. For when it breaks, it breaks inside.

Cast her spirit on the water; let her soul find comfort there. Watch it fly then into thin wonder air. There is no judgment there. Had she not some good within her, that extinguished by a rain. That of falsehood and addiction that fell upon her by disdain. Gather here, you grounded muses, those who taunt and flame. Look at her form still before you know she fell in war, that conflict in your name. For her thin wire is stretched among you, from one to each your much the same. Is it not true one less among you, and yet you feel no shame. Not one or two will ever change. For though she dies just barely, her thin wire cut in two. Something that has compassion nearby will welcome her completely and new. For wars are fought in many battles, in this world to stars beyond our own. This now still faire maiden, has moved on to take a future home.

Still, lay still my faire maiden, rest thy torn, and shattered mind…

For the faire maiden (for there on the other side you now know who you are) and the many more out there, whom embrace a battle inside all their own. It is not too late, wait but just a little while. – 06.30.2021 – דָנִיֵּאל

110 thoughts on “The Thin Wire

  1. How true the Hunter Thompson quote and how vivid and real the rest of your writing. Sad but victorious. Each life we have is precious and each breath a battle. I like your take on that Daniel. Bill

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  2. Brother, you do the all living spirit that goes from life to life a service with your beautiful words. may this “faire maiden” find her future battles more worthy of her wonderful soul Shalom, Den

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  3. Daniel this is another amazing write from you. So many of us can identify with the confusion and frustration that is a part of this life. My prayer is this young lady’s family finds comfort in your words, i know I have. Thank you.

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    • Thank you so much Gigi for your kind words. I agree so many of us and I mean us (pointing at self) carry around a lot of confusion and frustration that we don’t share properly it builds and builds and for some they do something drastic on the spur of the moment. I am happy you found some comfort in this.

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  4. Amazing piece Daniel, I am drawn to the surreal, mystical element present in it, the picture, the quote, the music and yes your words. There is more to life than some can take. We must help and show compassion, before that thin wire breaks.

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  5. I understand your words. True I have not read “Catcher n The Rye”. However, your prose must take us somewhere near. The chosen song explains much.
    I am always affected by my recent journeys in life. So, I have just read a book that deals with the holocaust, and I see something of it reflected here. Although possibly an interpretation all my own: the wire, the fantasy and the lie, the keeper of breath, the devil that defies, the war “of the mind” between judgment and the divine.
    Prisoners behind wire, the aryan fantasy, hitler’s lie, nazi devils judging if one lives or dies, war.
    If i had been there, what would have been in my mind?

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  6. This was a sobering thinking piece for me. I can identify with the conflicts of the mind, especially when I was much younger. What makes that final decision to do something drastic, to cut the wire, i do not know. I am grateful I never came to that point. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  7. Dear Daniel,
    You tug at my heart strings for this faire maiden. So sad and if she felt in life’s frustrations she had no where to go but to end it all, much the sadder still. i share your wonderful viewpoint and words for her battles ahead. That is faith.


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  8. “For though she dies just barely, her thin wire cut in two. Something that has compassion nearby will welcome her completely and new” Something really warm and encouraging by this phrase. it is beautiful.

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