Highway 491 (Were Still Here)

“No one is actually dead, until the ripples they cause in the world die away.” – Terry Pratchett

“We’re still here We’re shadows fallin’ the night is callin’ again We’re still here Where love is runnin’ the night is calling, again (Brother to brother)” – Steve Perry

Steve Perry is singing “Were Still Here” The words move through my thoughts, taking up association with the visuals from a troubling dream of the previous night. There have been many dreams lately. Too many. Visitations from unknown parts. Voices and faces from different times, different places, gathering it seems still here it seems on Highway 491, that highway in my head.

I watched them turn in a distant memory, a friend or two within my head; they stood upon the precipice of my thoughts shimmering and looked straight ahead. The night closed in with all its mystery, the stars moved circles around their heads. For I probed the devil’s triangle in my soul for they were no longer dead. “Still” I ask, “oh why the stillness?” “Is this the answer that you had?” “When you drove the sprite’s highway, with a holster packing lead.” A way fare that you both paid duly, not aware of interest due. A lost account when the sun rose ruefully, there you lay, life shed. There you lay, life shed.

Be gone, I sometimes ask the nighttime, when such scenes are played. Dreams they shouldn’t be of lesson, that of fright or dismay. I do not want to ask or wonder why such friends would leave such way. It seems a crime they stray on highways. Lost alone in May. Faces white with questionable worry, lost alone, where daemons roam. Hardly seen by modern travel, my friends, my friends you are still alone. “Still” I ask, “oh why the stillness?” Bone to dust your bodies gone, yet you distress me, for somethings wrong. In hours of morning, with springtime here, I see you driving your eyes bright and clear. On down a highway named 491, those numbers cover the shadow of the beast; those numbers cover the shadow of the beast.

Oh, mortal frames that break in two, unwitting minds of careless youth. That star you followed with its red face, led you forward on too fast a pace. It is some mystery, my dreams that see, you are waiting, waiting so patiently. Yet your mouths, cannot speak. “Oh G_D”, I ask, with weakened thought, brought on by darkness and turmoil wrought. “What is their place within my life, what is the meaning for which I now write”? “What is the meaning for which I now write”?

For there they stand by the highway, that eternal highway that runs at nighttime through my head. That eternal highway that runs at nighttime through my head.

For Jason & Tom and so many others, in my dreams on Highway 491, how I miss each one of you . – 05.07.2019 – דָנִיֵּאל

63 thoughts on “Highway 491 (Were Still Here)

  1. A heck of a piece my young friend, with a marvelous Shakespearean sound. “Oh, mortal frames that break in two, unwitting minds of careless youth. That star you followed with its red face, led you forward on too fast a pace. “

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  2. Brother, you write a great question of faith. Your words as always are filled with questions, that I often ask in prayer. Why is this happening? Where do we go? Where have family and friends gone, and are they still here? This was your finest yet! Shalom, Den

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  3. Daniel, this was a very interesting piece . It fit well with your “Ghost in the Cathedral” and definitely fits a theme of saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future. I was mesmerized by your words. ❤

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  4. Your writing meant a lot to me. I have had many friends and family pass away over the last three years. Your line about images running through your head like an eternal highway described it best for me. Thank you.

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    • Thank you, I really appreciate your comment, and Am very happy this piece meant something to you. Losing family and friends can be hard for sure. I try to think of what lessons they help us along with in life as we go forward. They are surely still here.


  5. Daniel this is a great piece of writing. You have a depth of understanding and commitment to those that you care for or have cared for that is commendable. Your words are a testament to that. I think the stillness is telling you it is okay to move on. 🙂

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  6. Powerful dreams, have led you to some amazing thoughts and words Daniel. Much to draw from this piece. The line that hangs with me the most is, or I probed the devil’s triangle in my soul for they were no longer dead. “Still” I ask, “oh why the stillness?” The stillness of the Devils Triangle in one’s mind is something I am very familar with. 😉

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  7. Daniel your transference of your inner dialogue and dreams to the written word always amazes me, with “Highway 491” perhaps being one of your best. I enjoy reading your thoughts, and this subject of dreams is one that means a lot to me personally. Thank you.

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  8. Dear Daniel
    I am positively amazed by this piece. Your thought process on display, shows a fantastic connection with your emotional stability when trying to comprehend your own dreams. I would be terrified, but at the same time, the way you right about it. It all seems natural. This piece is definitely a favorite for me. ❤

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    • Hi Ruby, Thank you for your kind comment. I am humbled by your words. I doubt my thought process is really that complex, however I like to write about it, and definitely love when I get positive feedback on it. As always I appreciate your reading and commenting.

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      • Dear Daniel,
        It is always a pleasure to comment, and I must disagree with you. Your thoughts I believe are complex, and the fact that you display them so naturally in words, helps me learn some great life lessons. ❤

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  9. Daniel, “Highway 491” is fascinating. So many good lines that are full of depth, but your signal line sticks out the most to me. “Still” I ask, “oh why the stillness?” I myself ask this. Thank you again for another thought provoking piece.

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