In the Library

“Oh, my G_D how profound are these mysteries!” – John Dee

Kelley holds the shew-stone with the mist forming fast. The white vapors shoot upwards around the volumes on upper shelves and form a circle as if to task. The days are still some colder but the winter will not always last, voices moving in their language, numbers show me, show me, something past.

For what is the speech of angels?

I set upon a voyage in a hinterland of sleep, a cauldron of air so cold at first, I thought I would freeze. A self-taught journey from places of the deep, to find the ever after answer in the library of John Dee. Symbols all around me some painted legend in the sky, a coat of many colors as millennium flew by. The whispers of the angels said they were drawing nigh, and then my soul dropped from the star filled sky. Like the star, not yet of morning, summoned to a rite of old, my bare feet feel so frozen in the library I well know. It is about the phantoms, and it is about the truth, the long search of the symbols to find if what angels speak is truth. Moreover, in it all, yes in it all I am speechless.

For here among this sceptered place, with pages from strange worlds, candles burn until morning light, all time has come unfurled. The figures of the two men turn as if to see, but then I see them looking upwards, they do not see me. The coven of the angels falls without light or human sound, they whisper in the shadows who is willing, to stand higher ground. Their bodies are like different lights, some common, some spark with sound. It could be some are seraphim, some light daemons who have come unbound. Moreover, in it all, yes in it all I am speechless.

I stood so indecisively, surveying an unreal play. The ghost of Dee and Kelley asked their questions from a book displayed. An esoteric experiment, to know the power of G_D, to wonder at the wisdom, imparted in what they caught. The scene of simple symbols invoking that realm in which the angels play, to not know that they had reached any reason, only the gray at the end of the day. Moreover, in it all, yes in it all I am speechless.

So, this is a little something that happens now and then, I disappear in airs of thought to a library where time stands still. I ask the light around me what is that of shapes and wills, and still I have no answer, and perhaps I never will. Moreover, in it all, yes in it all I am speechless.

For what is the speech of angels? – 01.30.2019 – דָנִיֵּאל

72 thoughts on “In the Library

      • Oh Daniel, it has been so cold here, I have not left the house all week, but a warm up starting today so there is a silver lining. 😉 You are welcome. Your writing is something I look forward to. ❤ Ruby

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    • Hi Abigail, thank you very much for your wonderful comment. I think I am attracted to that dream like scene in writing so I am very happy that is the way you see it. Thank you. 🙂 John Dee is a good character to work with for such a type of writing. 😉

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      • Hi Daniel,
        You are welcome. I followed the links you had in the post on John Dee. Apparently a very mysterious historical figure. I always learn from your writing. Thank you and have a great weekend. A ❤

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  1. A great jump into the mystery of John Dee here Daniel. A solid work of prose and as always you deliver on the question, and the understanding of the futility in what man endures to sometimes understand. What is the language and will of the almighty. Well done.

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  2. Daniel — I’ve been reading Rabbi Leo Baeck this week, and your post reminded me immediately of this Baeck quote:
    “No word which tries to name or compare Him can reach to His being. Devoutness must therefore in the end become silence.”
    take care!! jen

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    • Thank you Jen for that. I think sometimes for me I try to understand things that are of a curious nature to me, I always find myself left speechless at the answer, or lack of many times. My latest prayer is to be satisfied in that I do not understand but know that it is.


  3. Daniel this is another amazing piece. John Dee outside of holding significant historical value in English History, also holds significant value in spiritual, science and philosophy history. As always I enjoyed your take on his value.

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  4. I could not agree more with John Dee’s sentiments at the beginning of your wonderful piece. You could have well placed the quote again at the end of this work.

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  5. There is a greatness that becomes even greater my young friend when you study the mysteries of old. Dee was well into the future and knew things I am sure even our own theologians and philosophers could only wish to know. You have done Dee’s vision justice with your fine post. Bill

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      • Very right Daniel, the mixture of metaphysics with philosophy and those matters of spirit far outpaced the pure secularist that were to come.


  6. Interesting!
    I have (for over 30 years, now) a silver bracelet, set with a cut, polished obsidian stone. I rarely wear it, but ponder it from time to time. The day’s grey end has become my hair.
    Lovely prose, Daniel.

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    • Hi Resa, I love obsidian, I bet you might could see many things through that stone. It no doubt would reflect the most wonderful things that are you. Grey is wonderful in my book. Of course I would think that I have plenty of grey hair myself. 😉


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