Round Mountain (Passover 2018)

What do you want from me? Here near this late hour over by this tree, in the dark, with no moon above, the sky winks in a cold frown, the silence has a sound, and it’s you, nearby, I know, I see. So, what do you want from me? Have the altars I have built not exacted to your need? Has heaven not come down, why should it when there’s rancor all around, and unbelief, I know, dear Adonai to me, and what do you want from me? Here we are the western sky in sheets, stars that cannot shine, they look like their painted all the time. You say the sunrise is reprieve, it could be that or the last day that I breathe. It’s you nearby a familiar in majesty, so silent in all your mystery, a phalanx, that’s blood on three by three to three. The darkness like a cracked old creed, a blackness fly’s in design, non-Chee, like “Marilyn Manson’s” sad song disease, the dead, it passes on, it goes flying on over me. What do you want from me?

Round Mountain hangs over me. It’s not so round in a diameter one can read. A poor schematic from the USDA! I suppose it’s like this night for me, in our relationship it is definition written in form free. Perhaps I say to no one listening, at least that’s what’s perceived. It’s only a question from all time, but what do you want from me? The coldness seeps in me, making my high blood pressure, a little uneasy, for those things I can’t see like a razor edged dark wing dipping through the trees. What is the answer, what is the need, from question to question, it swings beyond belief?

Round mountain seems to weave, a dear old story here in me, all my doubts come in three’s. I look the canyon down, the Big Thompson roars without a sound. The highways closed, but still I’m up here, no one knows, except the sound of wings. They come swooping down, big dark wings. The sound of mettle, carrion bones, somewhere cherubim’s weep. But not for me, oh Adonai not for me!

For here on Round Mountain with the deer, a simple little place solitude in my tears, I look to see the better part of you. You turn, most holy G_D you demand I bless you! And as the pass comes over me, here in symphony upon my knees, I am so simple in my needs, my G_D, my G_D, Ruach, Elohim, Chayim, Ruach mi Ruach, Myim mi Ruach, esh mi Myim, Ruach Elohim Chayim! It is what you want from me, all that you want from me! – 04.03.2018 – דָּנִיֵּאל

71 thoughts on “Round Mountain (Passover 2018)

  1. Daniel, this is wonderful. This Passover I have been in a reconciliation pattern in my studies, looking for that word that phrase that would bring me closer to Hashem. Your post has helped me along in that regards. I thank you so much. As always I am in your debt. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Daniel, the last paragraph blew me away, gave me goosebumps, and sent me reeling. You have a very special gift, your words come from a different place then most. Never change my friend!


  3. My brother Daniel, your words found me this morning and woke me up, with their solemnity, and their call to action. To love Hashem with all my heart soul and mind, to bless him. In return the dark one passes over me. Amen my friend. You have touched my heart once again. Shalom, Den


    • Hi Dennis, I am thankful my words were on your mind this morning, and actually honored by that. I really appreciate you my friend. You have taught me many things about loving Hashem in this forum, and I will forever be thankful for that. Shalom Dennis. Daniel

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      • Thank you my brother, your words brought tears to my eyes. I am thankful for your presence as well. May this Passover bring the greatest of reconciliations to your table. Shalom, Den

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  4. Dear Daniel, the words from your “Round Mountain” melted fear as I read them. There are many wonderful lines in this piece but none so great as, “I look to see the better part of you. You turn, most holy G_D you demand I bless you!” With these words you helped even me see what the greatest commandment is for me. Thank you. ❤ Ruby


  5. Happy Passover my young author friend. I confess I do not keep up with such rituals, but after reading your post, I am challenged to think about how I might begin. Your words have found their way to the heart of my soul. Thank you. Bill


      • I am reminded of a Psalm from my youth my young friend that goes something to the following, “From all my teachers I have grown wise, for Your testimonials are my meditation.” Your writing takes me to this verse for it has acted many times as a teacher to me, and it is I who thank you for that. Bill

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  6. I thought of you and this wonderful post as I read the following: “Passover is, above everything, the commemoration of the great Deliverance—a deliverance which transformed a horde of slaves into a people. It is, then, Israel’s birthday. From one point of view it is the greatest of all the historical festivals. No other brings the Israelite into such close touch with his people’s past. No other so powerfully appeals to his historic sympathies. He is one, for the moment, with his ransomed fathers; he shares with them the proud consciousness of the free, the dignified sense of nationality that is beginning to stir in their hearts. He shares their glowing hopes, the sweet joy of newly recovered manhood. ~Morris Joseph, “Passover,” Judaism as Creed and Life” Happy Passover Daniel.


  7. I have followed your writing for sometime and this is a favorite for me. You write from the soul, and the results are a benefit to us all who read your thoughts.


  8. As always your spiritual insights amaze me, I like another one of your readers went back and read your writings on Passover going back to 2014. You have helped me gather a better appreciation for this high holiday, the deliverance outwardly of the flesh and inwardly of the soul.


  9. I started “Round Mountain” reading it from what I thought was your perception as the writer, and finished it with it being my very own. My by far favorite line, “in our relationship it is definition written in form free” Thank you this was meaningful to me. ❤


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