“We do not go into ceremony to talk about G_D. We go into ceremony to talk with G_D.” – Quanah Parker

“The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire”. – Richard M. Nixon

I am going to do a sweat, by heat and degree, going to march myself indigenous, and just let it go free. I really must confess this might not be for me; I might turn around and turn again, and find myself on my knees. I never thought it so; never concurred it would be me, to enter into something unlike me, and burn internally. I am going to do a sweat, and see truth or hell, it could be one will be the other, or may be separate only time will tell. I find myself so close, to hearing drums inside, may be it is just my heart beating telling me to turn aside. For now conscious comes to instill fear in me, but what is fear but motive for a caution that blinds the real purpose I need.

It is time for counting sums, of what I might see. Somehow, I do not think I am style in new age mythology. For something tolls, like bells in eternity. A countless band of cycles words and sounds phonetically. I am not making fun so seriously, for its Passover in my soul so a sweat is harmony. I think I am modern man, lost in a cosmic sea, of signals, verbs and scenes of G_D, that have not made sense to me. So it is time to sweat, bring forth an ancient me, and grab the dragon of harmonic grace, a former complexity.

These last days must come, titled so they be, and if they come well then they go with sweat pouring forth from me. What is not denied is a purity, that there is silence all around, as a force in three by threes. I am going to do a sweat cross through my own red sea, for I know while I sweat the death filled angel will Passover me. For as the year will go, as it will be, I will always remember how the sweat burned G_D in me.

I am going to do a sweat! – 03.27.2018 – דניאל