Wounded Woman and Crooked Tree

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wounded woman went to crooked tree, and though its shade fell a little strangely, she said it met her needs. On a hot day in Arizona, wounded woman cried, said this sun is killing me, it must be this stupid tree’s pride. For if, it would just straighten its arm up above, and condition itself to accept my love. It is not as if I am expecting it to come down to me, all I want is a little structural relevancy. Wounded woman tore her blouse and she covered her burns with sand, she said she really did not understand, the crooked tree, and she raised her burning hand. Said she doubted that the crooked tree would ever change. Still she would wait another day. Yes, she would wait another day.

Brother Jensen, preached his sermon to an empty seat, and he thought the words outside would bring a sinner’s defeat. With just the right amount of venom spent the righteous ground to a bitter rent. The reverend could not recall why his church was empty at all. As “Eleanor Rigby” plays nearby, Brother Jensen sinks inside. How can unrepentant man, dig deeper into sin, oh the ocean is so wide? Would the water of truth wash all sins away, were it as a purifying fire, vetted forth in a righteous kind of way? Brother Jensen looks to the mirror, perhaps more practice to bring the sinner to the way. Yes, he should preach another day.

See you government, see you queens, standing over, what they glean. Stand’s the master under blue sky, over the beggar, who do not know why. What is parliament, and the master hand, when the sky is cracked, and still they stand? Do they wonder why toil and fears? Term they weakness of a thousand tears. Still they look on at another day. Yes, they would wait another day. – 03.23.2018 – דָּנִיֵּאל

74 thoughts on “Wounded Woman and Crooked Tree

  1. I find this a timely poem.
    Although your thoughts may have come from another place, mine come from all the youth I saw today, standing in unity under the crooked tree of government, rejecting it. Daniel, they moved me , greatly. The next generation is about to inherit the earth, and their energy is omnipresent.


  2. This prose means alot to me Daniel. I read it very selfishly perhaps and it spoke to where I am at in a current relationship in my life. Something I must end now, Thank you for your words of wisdom to help me do what I must do. ❤


  3. I am listening to “Crooked Tree” as I write my brother. This indeed was one of your best, at least for what it meant to me. My life under crooked tree, and yet blessed with the insight that GD has given me. I wish you blessings this week my friend. Shalom, Den


      • No problem Daniel, I appreciate the shout out and the wishes. I am praying your week is a blessed one as well, and wish we were nearby to celebrate Passover together. Shalom, Den

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  4. “Said she doubted that the crooked tree would ever change. Still she would wait another day.” This had so much on so many levels, but for me the above words stung just a little. Still it felt good. Thank you. ❤


    • Thank you Abigail for such a nice comment. I do appreciate it. It seems the week has gotten away from me and I have been tardy in my replies. Hopefully the sting heals as I am sure it will, and you will be all the ever stronger. :0

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