Los Angeles

“The entrance to the underworld is in Los Angeles” – Rick Riordan

In the dream, I watched Belial watch her. His gaze followed her in steps, and moves, counts and rhythms. He definitely was watching, and I think she felt him. Yes, sir, I know she did!

She dry’s inside, her shell replete, with modern crimes, of living, she is sleepy in deceit, the sun so high beyond those Hollywood hills, bares down its breath in a drug fogged spill. And all about her, it’s the end of days, the angels cry, while “The Miracles” play, “Going to a Go-Go” in the dark tinted windows of a hearse going by. Colors holding knifes it’s another day, in LA. Star’s line up, while the moon stands still, an operatic drama for the damned and ill, the same man who decries war and hate, makes his art on screen, with violence displayed. Dehumanizing life in another state of mind. The craven of the culture, look to the vultures that fly around LA. Could be the final of her days, yes sir, could be the final of her days.

A song of many tenor’s flies across her wound, a second chance of playing while there’s still some room. She walks through the Getty Center to see the photographs displayed. On a Sunday Afternoon, the “Cotton Mill Worker” helps to keep her thoughts displaced. She thinks it would be nice if the clouds split from the sky, drove her deep underground. Still she thinks, her smile drawn back until it becomes a certain frown, I’d still be in LA. I’d still be in LA!

The darkness is heir apparent as the sun stands still, the smog that prisms colors, makes the coming night have will. She turns her mind divining, she’s got to drive away, open up, leave LA, to the desert, she will leave LA. It is her final day. Yes, sir, it’s her final day!

Life holds no demeanor, out on the filled freeway, sirens mix with chanted sounds of rap debased, she looks in her rearview mirror and see’s the demon wave, she opens up, but she wants to return to LA. Yes, sir she’s moving on but she wants to go back and stay.

In the dream, I watched Belial turn. His gaze followed the white broken lines dividing the far-right lane until it meets the western horizon, somewhere near the Santa Monica Pier. His eyes weren’t empty, no sir, they were not, and I think he saw me dreaming up there. His eyes just started to unwrap from there in steps, and moves, counts and rhythms. “I’m open to the desert”, I heard him say, far away. Yes, sir I’m open to the desert! – 10.03.2017-דָּנִיֵּאל

Post Script

And so, it begins, the month of spirits and spells, and Daemons that fell. These are Daniel Swearingen’s haunted, neurotic dreams. I invite you to a celebration of fear so strong, that what you see, is what you don’t read, you will harbor it in your heart, and it will never go away. Yes, sir you will laugh, for it’s not real, it’s just in that crazy writer’s imaginings. You will breathe and recognize your alive, and how you will smile your mouth disjointed in that crazy smile….and then your smile will disappear for your dreams will start too, and you will know Belial is alive, yes, sir he is! – 10.03.2017-דָּנִיֵּאל

71 thoughts on “Los Angeles

  1. This is a brilliant dark read. So many ways one can take your words, and so many stories and avenues, or in this case freeways to travel down. It was so low key that the spookiness of it kind of lulled me and then as you said in your postscript became a part of me. Now I have chills! 🙂


      • Hi Daniel, I had to smile when you mentioned Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my Nightmare”, recording, it was a favorite of my older brother’s, and to this day he plays that album constantly. His children grew up to it and now his grandchildren are growing up to it, Getting back to your work and my original comment. The thought provoking visuals that you create in all your work always amazes me, and I do appreciate the talent that you have, and always look forward to reading your prose. ❤


  2. This was a different sound from you Daniel, I found it intriguing, and I liked it. The point of the piece can make the readers mind wander, because there seems to be many points. There is a slight tension throughout, that makes me think the woman could be someone that I know, and praying that its not me. 😉


  3. Daniel, I am constantly amazed at the versatile way you write, moving from spiritual mystery to the haunted mind in the Gothic world to the comical and then the sad. I have to agree with Liz, this let my mind wander to many things, and picture many things, and yes it gave me a goose bump or two, that probably will not leave me, anytime soon. ❤ Ruby


      • As long as you are talking about feeling free to write and not RIP. 😉 Sorry, I could not resist. I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking a chance on publishing any writing as long as you’re not overwhelmed by the thought I should not do this. Personally I loved this piece. ❤


  4. I find your writing to be full of mystery, and “Los Angeles” is overflowing with just that. If your intention was to leave the reader somewhat bothered by something lurking, you were successful with this reader. Great writing, I will take this type of hallowed strangeness over the slash and burn of blood and gore any day.


  5. This was fantastic. I am now in the mood for the month of shadows and bumps in the night. 🙂 After reading this however I have many questions as to where it is all going? Will there be a sequel?


  6. Daniel, well done as always. This Belial fellow sounds like a nasty enough creature, having followed your links, I pity the outcome for our possible heroine in the desert. You do know how to weave a yarn my friend. 😉


  7. I believe we had such favorites as “Depoithika” around this time last year, one that I printed off for my own reading enjoyment, and I suspect I will do the same with “Los Angeles” as well. Really great seasonal writing Daniel. It leaves an unsettling tingle! 😉


  8. I loved this and here is why. I was looking for the reason, the theme, the antagonist, the protagonist, the beginning, the middle and the end. All were difficult to find to the point of being nonexistent. Still there was fear and tension, and a great desire to know what it was all about, and would everything be okay. Great, great writing Daniel! ❤


  9. Daniel this was written in such a way it presented a surreal world, that probably is very real for some. The rhyme was fantastic, and the visuals chilling. I loved the song as well. ❤ ❤ 🙂


  10. I loved the quote you started this whole nasty business with Daniel, and from there it got dimmer and dimmer, and now I might not sleep tonight. Well done! 😉


  11. And here I have one measly Hallow’een post planned for the end of the month. However, I assure you that I have been collecting skulls since that month of fear and haunted dreams ended in the last year. I’ve more than one skull for each month, Nonetheless after this well written piece of horror, I’m hoping to find something extra hideous to add. Think I’ll scout it out in Chinatown.
    If your Hollywood Belial wants his gaze to follow me, he’d better be good, because I’m pretty tricky.
    Wonderful piece, Daniel, and I look forward to a very interesting month of prose over here at “Dusk & Resurrection.”


    • My dear friend Resa, your ladyship as it were, and it is!! Your world is a constant of mist and craft, an eternal flame of midnight dancing and soft cloth, specters and masquerade balls. And mysterious love and fortune, your life is Halloween, full of surprise and moonlit walks looking over the North Sea, watching a distant storm, gathering energy unto itself, knowing always knowing something wicked this way dies come, and what a fine delicious thing it will be. 🙂


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