Heaven’s Gate (Surround Me)

The Acts of one!

He catches time in the palm of his hand, with his hair growing whiter where the old train station stands. The gleam in his eyes could be laughter or death, it’s all up to you, as you read the rest. The high land all around him rises to a rocky slope, filled with all sorts of angels, and lithesome tiresome ghost. In both of his hands rides specters of a kind, could be maps to salvation, or the gate that opens time. In the twinkling of an eye, he draws a certain plan, to take him up in spirit to where the Seraphim stand. For it stands here in Wyoming, below a certain peak, and when the eclipse covers nature, he’ll see the gate that he would seek.

Brother cries a certain essence, phantom, screams a long-lost daemon freak. Can you leave two sides of living, switch the train at certain speeds? Can you go to certain mountains, and claim them as your prize? He turns now quickly without breathing; says he, love is on all sides, for the heavens are all falling and with spells they must now rise, when heaven’s gate is found wide open, the loss I’ve gained will go inside. Today Wyoming is an answer, where the things lost go to sleep, to arise in all creation when the sun escapes it’s keep. And so, it is he deems an answer from the future he has lost. Why is it we seldom travel to the gates that have a cost? Does not the shield of all our valor, hold no reason without love, says he now to higher purpose open heaven I am not lost.

So, he treasures his arrival, and the sound of walking feet, leaving the tracks of his departure, for the grace that’s hard to keep. Goes he on without reflecting, through the gate to the rocky peak. Conquers he without bad feeling, slays he loss to not re seek. With his eyes cast not downwards, opened skies, no words he speaks. Just a thought that comes in passing, as tomorrow passes renewed, how can he survive the love that’s crushing, glowing holy all that’s new! Surround me! – 08-27-2017 – דָּנִיֵּאל

52 thoughts on “Heaven’s Gate (Surround Me)

  1. “Heaven’s Gate” was a beautiful reminder Daniel of the spirit finding the road to something greater on a wide open road once we leave the narrow track we are on. I enjoy your use of visualization, and adjectives that put your readers feet where you are walking.


  2. The travels of the soul are interesting to me Daniel, each time you write to this direction, I am eager to follow hopeful and wondering what I might find there. As always well done.


  3. Well written Daniel, your creative mind and willful spirit working together, many great lines in this prose, and I would have to quote the whole piece to do it justice, therefore I shall just reblog!


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  5. Daniel, it’s on your post such as this that I am often reminded of the calling we all have to leave the safety of our own traveled rails, and seek the peaks of “Heaven’s Gates’. A strong calling from inside your core has as many times before shaken me, and causes me to respond. YF, Den


  6. Great work my young brother. I appreciate the descriptions, I can not only see them as I read, I feel them. The spirit of your words breathe life into my soul. Thank you Daniel once again!

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  7. Well, well, last time I was here, there were no comments. Now there are comments.
    There are no comments on Silo, so I can’t comment on that.
    Obviously, there is a WP glitch of some type?
    Silo is very piquing, and it brought back a memory of …. me, my uncle Jack and a silo of wheat. It was a lesson taught in a very old school way.
    He (who was a grain farmer) held the child, me, as he climbed a ladder in the silo. He opened a small door and put me inside. He held me loosely as I sank into the wheat… like quicksand.
    When I was mouth deep, he pulled me out, and said…NEVER play in the silo!!!!

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  8. as twilight falls
    let the magick begin
    ancients of time past calls
    who will hear these voices on the wind

    i read Silo last night, and the night before….Heaven’s Gate the same…..
    do you ever read someones thoughts and hear the wind blowing through the trees outside,without looking out the window you feel Winter is here even thought it’s Autumn?
    i dream lately of going to the mountains, i sit in an olde rocking chair on the porch facing East
    i hear those whispers from the wind in my dreams as I watch the sun rise ……

    i use to read Edgar Cayce’s all the time, i remember one of his page’s was Wyoming would
    be a place of great importance one day, i think it was also Nebraska would be the food source of the world…i wonder if he meant food for the soul…..i’ll have to go back and look it up

    you ,Daniel have such an incredible gift of words….always takes me somewhere i have never been yet seems so familiar…
    the choice of laughter or death made me smile…i have experienced death, and there was much laughter or perhaps it was the sounds of joy….

    i don’t get on much these days, i am always drawn to your thoughts when i do
    Thank you for the calm in a moment of stillness

    Take Care…You Matter

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    • Hi Mary, It is an incredible comment and I do treasure it deeply. I have been thinking so much lately about the word rest, it’s a word a thought lost in our culture, but I believe to know it, believe it, and live it is the closest we come to G_D in this lifetime. Your comment gave me rest. Thank you. Shabbat Shalom. Daniel


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