“Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. I cast you to the ground; I put you before kings, that they may see you”. – Ezekiel 28:17

Letters moving within letters, sounds within sounds, flesh unto flesh, and then, and then…

A ripping of the temple curtain, that which blankets the sky. The giving of flesh, the naming of the daughter of man, breathing into her “Carlotta”, for she wishes to be free, and her expulsion from that high altar called grace, to the coven of Whitby, where she will always remain!

Stories come to her like the night birds do, falling, their angel red lips open, screaming, descending from the highest womb of beauty. Falling their mouths forming pictures, and passions and finally impotent, silent as the earth draws them into her bend, termed the pale. She moves away from the water, the North Sea has forced the channels flow, and the best that she can do, is ignore the dark angels who hit the sandy shore, and oft to the cold dark sea they go. Her eyes strike a silver pale, unlike her father’s, gold, an affront his tenor voice says, somewhere so oft below. The moors outside of Whitby, surround her now. In by the flowing Esk she goes, so near to the manor where the light of the hearth does glow. Black curls they fall around her, and tangle in a bow, they move as in progression to touch her breast below. The softness holds a heat no man will ever know. Inside of her in a small place, she goes to rest, for even there, her father, can’t hear the shadow words she chants behest.

She could have fallen by order, the last but not the first, the sons of men in frenzy, they scrambled on the earth. The place and time of entry, the past before the flood, that place where great leviathans crafted within and out the sons. It matters not, this she knows, for when she fell so fast below, picked she Whitby with its time that never ends, eternal life, she thinks and smiles. She turns and takes her feet to fly, matters not, her human size, other things are new inside, she turns and grins at her father lost in the sky. The stars look back so cold, some still falling, their judgement within.

The moors they reek of bastards, hidden from a grace, in lower bogs and pastures, the earth becomes their place. It could be she’s home with them, but something is calling her, calling within, a musky smell, and bathing in gin, an innocence lost, but she’s already sinned, she laughs, and runs towards Lucy’s garden so fast. The damp marsh air, tangles her hair, her collar has come undone. And how should she present herself to Mina and the circle itself. Her gifts undiscovered, but for light she has seen, discovered the secrets behind the veil. Was she not a princess the first born above, created when Adam made Lilith his love, or at least her father has told her so, that he mentioned before he told her no.

The fires are glowing from windows arched above, and Resa’s at the gate, her fingers moving making stitches in the air. I watched you fall, she smiles, you’ll be with us for such a while. “When Lucifer fell he took a third of the angels with him”, she says, “but none such as you, none such as you”. And with the sweetest touch, that feeling of magic, before the sun comes up, she smiles like an old friend or a lover that’s new, and says come inside, theirs such a mystery and so much mischief for us to do. – 08.04.2017 – דָּנִאֵל

68 thoughts on “Carlotta

  1. Daniel, this is a new favorite for me, I love the way each “Whitby Lady” has a different twist to her. All are very special and memorable, and for me I have come to think of them as real. Much love, Ruby ❤


  2. I have often been accused of being a morbid romantic Daniel. I love “Carlotta”. This piece is full of a different kind of romance. It is wonderfully written.


  3. A fantastic piece Daniel! Rich dark colors, words that are haunting, and visuals painted that make the blind see. I have enjoyed all of the Whitby stories very much, and am looking forward to the next adventure already.


  4. There is so much I could say about how stunning your work is. Always words hidden in words, and the “Whitby” women portray some of the best lines I have ever read. I have my favorites of course, but I dare not reveal them, because as soon as I do, a new one will come along and sweep my heart away. Carlotta was genius.


  5. Daniel, you saturated me in mystery this day, and I am in beauty where beast lie. Lucy still my favorite but the gap is closing and I’m thinking before all is said and done they are all divine. Great writing my brother!


  6. Your ability to visualize and put together sweeping descriptions is incredible, an example that is one of many that stood out for me in this wonderful piece is this, “The moors they reek of bastards, hidden from a grace, in lower bogs and pastures, the earth becomes their place.” That is writing. Thank you for taking us all along with your talent for the ride.


  7. I love the Whitby ladies Daniel. Like so many others I have my favorites, mainly Mina and Resa, but Carlotta certainly has made a fine appearance.


  8. Daniel, she is wonderful, so much to like about this one, a fallen angel just like all of us. I think it’s a nice touch that each story is so different in this theme, and at the same time, they all flow together. Shabbat Shalom! ❤ ❤ ❤


  9. Welcome, my dear Carlotta!
    I believe you will like it here. We are several more with wants, hearts and minds like you. I’ve said mischief, yes, Carlotta. Your spelled and spells see through.

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  10. Brilliant, Daniel! I am so thrilled to be a Whitby Lady. It seems we are happy eternally here in Whitby.
    Love the tune you picked for Carlotta. I’m following by email now, so I won’t be so late. Ah, but then, Whitby Ladies arrive when the feel like it! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Resa you have put wonderful life into my Whitby Ladies, I am so happy to have you as one. I wasn’t sure if Jeff Buckley fit or not but finally decided he did. btw the new gown is eye poppin gorgeous! 🙂


      • Ah, I love the Whitby Ladies, They are much like my Art Gowns, actually.
        Most women, if they even ever get to wear a gown, probably get to wear a wedding gown, or a graduation gown.
        The rich and famous get to wear gowns to award shows or $1,000 a plate charity dinners.
        I began Art Gowns as pieces to wear in the imagination, not for sale. They are gowns for the rest of us.
        It’s wonderfully fitting in my heart that I am a Whitby Lady in the only Art Gown I ever modeled. 😀
        I wonder who will drop by our place in Whitby next? xx

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    • Thank you. I am a big fan of older horror movies, the type where there is an underlying dread, or excitement that the shadow underneath the rickety staircase might be…… I have watch Sir Christopher Lee in the old Hammer Dracula films so many times I have the scare embedded in me. 😉 I have yet to finish the book, or series of books that lay out all the dread in me, its been a work in progress for over ten years. 🙂 May be someday.

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      • Oh my goodness. I am a huge fan of those too. Used to show them and earlier ones on a Sat night late on when I was a teenager. Nothing better than getting the blanket out—once the fire was done it was done– and watching in the dark. May you finish your book.


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