2 Ghost

She’s always felt like a cousin, probably was a friend, but throughout my life when she came calling, something deep inside me could breathe. Saw you first when you bathed before a king, after that when Cleopatra brought peridot from Zabargad for Marc Anthony. Think I kissed you on an empty hillside, under moonlight near Calvary. Sometimes we talked into a deep dark night, sometimes hiked high to watch a red star die, nothing was ever clear between you and me. When you climbed into that “Merovingian’s” bed, I walked off to die another death, a revolving revolution a year or fifty-three, and then I see. Like two ghost revolving round, we come back to we.

Once upon a story, or a woodman’s tale, beyond a burning fire, where, Macbeth was felled, we sat beside a burning fire by the northern sea. In that little instance as time went by, the angels came calling as you looked me in the eye, your ghost hair moving, I knew you were forever, but I wasn’t sure about me. You said it’s all better right, for we are just two ghost, spinning lives together, not sure of our host, then just like had happened before, you walked away from me. Saw you once again in the twinkling of an eye, when Ivan sat on Moscow, and his madness made you cry, in that cold darkness, I said it’s still you and me. Like two ghost revolving round, we come back to we.

By the smoke of Shenandoah, in a small well house, we stared into another life, and came back to ourselves. Just a kiss of revelation, was all it took for me. Watched you climb a wire at Auschwitz as the darkness fell, with your gold star hanging ragged what more should I tell, we were only thirteen, when you looked back, and said remember me. I’m not sure if I can continue this history. Still, like two ghosts revolving round we come back to we.

So, I have climbed a virtual altar, and I’ve seen a dream, someone waiting there in data, that must be she. So, it is I write my best words, and I quicken inside, and I call down all the angels and I magic all my rhymes. For when I touch her hand it will be for the final time. Like two ghost revolving round, we have come back to be. We have come back to we! – 06.27.2017 – דָּנִיֵּאל

41 thoughts on “2 Ghost

  1. This was a thinker Daniel, a a great story. I love all your work, but this type of writing IMHO is when you are at your best.


  2. Dearest Daniel, this is beautifully written as always, quite magical. I think that while we live in the here and now, the present, our subconscious is always looking for the other half of the “we”. Time is a vacuum, it’s cruel, and we never seem to be in sync with the ghost of the “we”. To feel the presence of the other half is indescribable, yet oddly familiar with an unknown origin. The idea of the “we” seems to be so tragic and it’s such a fleeting moment in the big picture, taking many moments to connect the dots. It took all those words to say, I love this piece, and it resonates with me. Thank you, Daniel. Have a wonderful Friday. ~ Mia

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    • Hi Mia, Thank you for your well thought out lovely comment. It’s none of my business, and it’s okay if you tell me to mind my own, but here goes…. 🙂 Are you Jewish? The reason I ask is your post and your comments always speak to me on a spiritual level. I do appreciate them, and always look forward to them, gleaning insight into my writing, always thinking, someone thinks like me. Have a great week ahead. Daniel

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      • Hi Daniel, you’re most welcome. Yes, I am Jewish, please tell me you’re not surprised. I think that there are certain connections made up of the past, present and future, these connections can be explained no other way. Thank you, please have a great week ahead too. ~ Mia

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      • 🙂 Then I sing! Hi Mia, I had to come back to this and do an edit, as sometimes is the mystery of technology what I replied to you originally, is missing, and a note I made to myself at the end of the comment, which I thought was deleted, remains. Perhaps it is a Freudian slip and I should just leave it be, and so I will, with this brief explanation. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday my friend. Daniel

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      • Hi Daniel, thank you for letting me know. Perhaps it’s as it should be, I like that you left the, “Then I sing!” Actually it’s a great introduction to your following post. Please enjoy. ~ Mia

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  3. This is such a beautiful piece, Daniel, that I’ve read it multiple times and I still want more! I’ve never resolved for myself whether that “knowing” we can share with another is based on past lives in this material plane or on one soul’s proximity to another soul in Adam Kadmon … or both… or something else… but ‘we’ is wonderful to experience, even if only in a knowing glance!! jen


  4. Hi Jen, Thank you for your wonderful comment. I too am there with you, we grow into a secular culture that teaches there is only the here and now, while our mystical and spiritual teachings tell us possibly our future is in our past. Wishing you a great fourth sister. Daniel


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