The Morning Sun (1989)

I thought about her, as I had thought about her so many years ago, up there upon the mountain, before summer where she strode, the morning sun!

She came over Burlington, over that plains township on she rode, and pointed beams like the crown of the French lady in the New York Harbor, there upon the Colorado plain she strode. And I stood there in my bare feet on the back porch of my keep, and on Mother’s Day I watched the sun tread heavy over all who still would sleep. It could be I thought about the world turning, each soul reaching for what would not make it weep, but no not me, not me. I rated this the best day, watching something this way come. A day star raging magic spinning, oh life, in age we are, how far in age we are! Adonai, my love Adonai!

A barren testimony, a fire that seals the heat, upon this morning riding, the virtue, the seeds of earth do reap. A G_D that rides a chariot, oh angels staggered leap, by count of six and two they come, summoned by this fervor fashioned so deep. Upon the South Fork River with waves that wait to hold spring’s tide, the morning retribution of something born in wayward skies, Adonai, my love Adonai! The snow it piles behind me, much higher than the earth, the rage of all the heavens, the judgement of all the earth. Upon Long’s Peak, a thunder, a sound in May it flows, face your cold for battle, for upon the western wind the sun flows, upon my sunken cheeks the light it glows.

A circled revolution, a night has come to end, upon the plains, their rides a ghost of springs heat, and winters end. A witch of convocation, a word of mornings din, and there and here before my life, a fire it comes within. Like David before his last rites, a younger olden whim, the rotating earth has brought the sun to begin. Adonai, my love Adonai!

I thought about her, as I had thought about her so many years ago, up there upon the mountain, before summer where she strode, the morning sun! – 05.15.2017 – דָּנִיֵּאל

54 thoughts on “The Morning Sun (1989)

  1. Daniel, I must add my words of praise to your fans before me. The verses you have written are full of happiness, and the ode to the sun concludes everything that we are. I really enjoyed this writing.


  2. I kept thinking about this during the day, and had to come back to comment. The joy you have is unbelievable. You write about it so well and I hope you never lose it.


  3. I still remember another piece you write about the sun, just as memorable, when you said. ” when I touch you, you enter me, when you fill me, I enter you”. I have never forgotten that, as I shall never forget this.


  4. I have learned over the past many months of reading your wonderful prose to never be surprised, for each new piece adds more wisdom to my life. This was truly meant for me. Thank you my friend.

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  5. Daniel, “The Morning Sun” is beautiful and for me a bit melancholy, in a lovely and bittersweet way. The morning sun offers hope, an undying love of hope, it’s what we are. With the sun there is always a new day, a new dawn, an opportunity to resurrect the self each day. “…the morning retribution of something born in wayward skies…” stunning line. I don’t know if I always interpret your work with your exact intent in mind, yet your words always hold great meaning for me, thank you. Wishing you well, have a wonderful day. With admiration, Mia


    • Hi Mia, thank you for your wonderful comment. It is good to see you back, and I am hoping your world is placed just where you need it to be now. You interpret my work, right on, giving me sight into words, that leave me saying, wow I wrote that, and yep, that’s what I was thinking. You have an amazing gift, and I thank you. Welcome back my friend! Have a great day. Daniel

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      • Hi Daniel, thank you for a lovely reply, a warm welcome and kind wishes. Yes, you did write that. You always impress me with your ability to take me far from home. Your “written world” is a place of great beauty, magic and mystery, it’s a pleasure to experience the whispers and sepia tones. I hope you have a wonderful day, may the sun shine bright. ~ Mia

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