Frost (The Third Lament)

The watch came upon me at three, the tenor of voices outside, or maybe in the vale of my sleep. I thought, I heard my daddy say, it’s frost outside, but still it’s okay. For trouble in winter is better than spring, your wrapped and you’re ready to weather most anything. It was a dream, or not, for of this I cannot say, for my daddy is dead, and I am in winter, and the frost how it grows, layer upon layer eating my soul. And these hollow hallways where I am not wrapped, my bones feel like the parchment, and my body is bled. And I was not ready, and it was the first lament.

Visions change as hearts do, and so it was a different watch upon a post night, before morning, but still winter. The landscape was white with patterns, I thought myself a child again, in New Mexico, raised upon a high plateau with nothing but frost, that devil so cold. There was nothing else to view. And the spirit of G_D came in lights, racing round my young naked form, cold, and baby blue. It seemed while I wept their raised a testimony, in a voice that sounded like the ghost of my daddy too. And while the frost filled me, I heard the specter, say Hashem has made you the head too. But I was not ready, and it was the second lament.

And the watches changed, for there was no one left before me, and the skies above became like copper, and the earth below made of white iron for the frost knew my name. The dream became me, and I the dream, and I thought of all the clothing I had lost, and what had changed. And I was ready, and it was the third lament.

The dream was morning, with the fire of the December sun burning the frost of the Colorado sky before me. And Adonai burned me, and the third lament was ever within me, a possession, changed and new.

Deuteronomy 28:13 – 12.10.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

44 thoughts on “Frost (The Third Lament)

  1. It has taken me hours after reading this wonderful piece to know what to say. Your words, and the piano composition have touched me in a way, that leave me wordless. I assure you a rare place for me. Both are so beautiful Daniel. You are wonderfully made! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. Daniel, as always, your writing is beautiful and stunning. This is such a moving piece, thank you for bringing me along on a wonderful journey, “And I was ready, and it was the third lament.” The music is amazing and full of heartfelt emotion. Enjoy your week ahead. ~ Mia


    • Hi Mia, As always thank you. Have you ever seen “84 Charing Cross Road”? If not I hope you’ll watch it, if so, know that I appreciate your wonderful comments as much as the character of “Frank Doel” appreciates the letters of “Helene Hanff”. Here’s wishing you a wonderful day as well. Daniel

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      • Daniel, you’re welcome, and thank you for a lovely reply. I just read about the movie, and viewed a clip. I’m planning to watch it tonight, a wonderful cast, Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. Thank you for sharing this with me, interesting this brings back some wonderful memories, my great grandfather was an avid book collector, much of his collecting was done through correspondence. Every now and then I will come across a handwritten note along with an invoice tucked between the pages, these are very special moments for me. Wishing you a wonderful evening. Take good care. ~ Mia

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      • Hi Mia, I am so excited your going to watch “84 Charing Cross Road” tonight, do give me your thoughts on it. Your great grandfather sounds like a great heritage, thank you for sharing that about him. I love collecting books! 🙂 Have a great movie evening. Daniel

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      • Daniel, what a beautiful story, emotional and moving. The power of the written word and the bond of an incredible friendship is captured beautifully. I was sad when the movie ended, and how it ended, yet there was a sentimental sweetness to what they shared, easing some of the heartbreak. Thank you for the recommendation, I enjoyed watching the movie tremendously. ~ Mia

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  3. The best writing I have read this day. Daniel you are multi-talented, and the spirit within you is wonderful. Thank you for this, I needed it right now.


  4. Daniel, like so many of your readers, I am stunned and amazed by this piece. The pure emotion you express in both prose and music moves me. thank you for shareing this, I will long remember it.


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