Night & Light Strings (Summer Snow)

(A tragic victory written in the key of life.)

Bet din she came in form free, a savage night symphony, and with me wayward, a song has she played. The night strings came to my door, from Sheol, by stanzas three divided by a score, a part of judgment, that half that forms the major of my name. My Adonai, in seams of darkness you have let me cry, still in your balance did I behold and become your name. I asked in dark, the night sky, it burned with stars, and some dirge did daemons their strings did they play. Perhaps a dangerous game, to play with such things, as with the verdict that rules one’s name. And as the years roll by, I can’t say or deny, that I wish the macabre it did not play.

(A wondrous catastrophe played in an immortal psalm.)

For the summer snow, it strikes a cold heated blow, such a paradox from G-D’s own spirit when now I pray. For is EL light or dark, is he in or out of this ark, this human body, that’s already in decay. I’m old and then I’m new, and in my spirit so confused, sometimes believing that fate owns me over, how Hashem would rule my day. But then again it seems, the darkness can sometimes gleam, with sudden stars, that can light my way. A composition made for strings, in night and light extremes, oh mortal mind, the change of seasons, makes faith your journey, like the universe as it spins in rings.

(A note to kingship uttered before my G_D)

Some notes came to play, they danced lightly my way, unexpected like snow on a summer day. They came not in light at days’ morn, but before darkness in judgments storms. A great awakening, in life’s simple, twisted way. I thought it true to form, the yin and yang of pitch perfect forms, the way it should be, the reason I was brought forward, in shadows was I born. But still you give me light, deliberately while songs they play my night, and mixed together, nothing matters, as my breath immortal, it disappears and takes flight.

(A sound of gratitude given before judgment and delight!)– 11.25.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

49 thoughts on “Night & Light Strings (Summer Snow)

  1. Each word written here Daniel, is a testament to a life filled with a deep relationship, with G_D. I am amazed at your words. Well done my friend, you very well could be the reincarnation of David!


  2. Daniel, everytime I see your name pop up in my email, I get excited. You never dissapoint, this is fabulous, and full of your life story, as all your writings always are. The search goes on!


  3. Daniel, I sat quietly with this piece for a long time. I found your words to be extraordinary, and emotionally beautiful. I’m so taken with the content of this work and feeling quite reflective at the moment. Wonderful writing as always, for me this is a personal favorite, thank you. Have a lovely evening and terrific weekend, take good care. ~ Mia


  4. Shabbat Shalom Daniel! I read this and read this again, and again, and again. There is so much here, that speaks to my heart. Wishing you a wonderful Shabbat!


  5. Now, while my sons are asleep, I finally found the quiet space I needed to wander into your offering, and I find myself reading again and again, finding new meaning on every review. Thank you for sharing this one, Daniel. Shavuot tov, jen


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