Americus (From the Inside)

And the daemon says, “while ye lay too long, in your self-absorbed sea, Americus, Americus, I will swallow thee”. And he looks just like the Baptist, in that myth that good men tell, with his curly, curly hair dangling persons over hell. To me he is a movie, that vampire of a beast, maybe Anne Rice’s legend, coming in for his feast. Oh, thou narcissist in spirit who labors in the mirror, thinking your thoughts now the better, than the beggars tasted tears. From Miami’s rich and famous, to Angeles that’s declined, over New York’s darkened skyline, something decayed now it flies. Americus, I’m hungry, and the poor they won’t suffice, your elite in their bourgeois fare on their lust I find divine. And they look just like their movies, where the sun always shines, on their social media empires, talking from their own insides. And the lady is just waiting for the villain to arrive. “I will come down, and dine, I am alive”.

And the daemon says, “perhaps I laid here waiting, on Columbus or those fleets with pale sails, maybe I was dug into the dirt, and plowed by a pioneers’ oxen tail”.  And he looks so gold and shiny, like “Alice” when he sings, a top hat, and some dripping eye liner, eating Americus while she sings, (could be she screams). from the inside. For all the words that we have dropped communicating, in electric from our hands, seems were all fellow strangers, looking for our final stand.  And still the decline and fall, the clock it can’t be stopped, Gibbons will be happy, a book in his next life.  And overhead I hear him coming, oh his wings so open wide, the words come down like winter, they cannot be denied, “I will come down, and dine, I am alive”.

And the daemon says, “in Americus art is the reflection of pain, and I see burning pictures everywhere, portraits of the inside” And he walks among the nightlife, the STD’s and trolls of shame. To me he speaks the kings English, and in Americus, he has found his place from the inside. And while the empty church bells ring, the daemon plays, his words from the inside they say. “I will come down, and dine, I am alive”. – 11.16.2016-דָּנִיֵּאל

35 thoughts on “Americus (From the Inside)

  1. Daniel, as you so often , you have entered the macabe of the underworld, and showed a reflection of what we are. This was gripping in a way like nothing else you have written. I will think about it for a long time, and hopefully learn from it.

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  2. S&M politics = the daemon.
    So many thoughts that lots have had are scribed here in your very unique way,
    I’m hoping for the best, now, after the American election results gob smacked me.
    Well done, Daniel!

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  3. Daniel, “Americus” is wonderfully creative and brilliantly written, offering up so much to think about. These are interesting times we live in. Alice’s, “From The Inside” is perfect, complementing your words so well. Wishing you a very happy Friday, take care. ~ Mia

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