Who would have thought it would still be you and me? You sing “Bread” to me, I cast myself away, it’s a “Sweet Surrender”.

She brings me from beneath the world, that gone dry from frigidly. That dark place without a soul, gone to places where blind men see. There in time, there in pain, a boy that knows how to tell tales untold, so selfishly, does he grow. Still she laughs and on we go. I am me, sometimes lost, hell fires landing, no Pentecost. No Peter or John, or Jesus too, just my tall woman humming “Bread” to sooth. So, there are worlds that I do see, strange little islands on the astral sea, and they mean something for when I’m lost, but not near enough for what they cost. Still unknown to me she hums “Sweet Surrender”.

For all the times, I’ve wondered from bed, found a highway, inside my head, made myself something for what I’m not. Formed silly reasons for pleasures, I don’t want. And no one knows except me and now you, no one knows what we been through. Still there’s something, a secret true, a better myth that brings me through. A mystery you will know now too. When she sings “Bread” I sleep the night through. She say’s “Your a better man, for what your not”.  Demons in my sleep, that are better not sought. A father, husband, hero, whose fight is still fought, but still I’m weak, when the battles are not, then, she play’s “Bread”, and my fears are fought.

I always promised hero’s that looked like me. Expansive, gregarious knights that sailed my stormy, storied seas. Still in all that, for what I was, my dangerous flirtations, with what I couldn’t see. You stayed right here arguing strong, a callous to a pair, but it made me strong. And when you sing, you sing “Bread” to me. A “Sweet Surrender”, and my G_D, I’m free, so very free.

Who would have thought it would still be you and me? You sing “Bread” to me, I cast myself away, it’s a “Sweet Surrender”.

For my Susan, I’m so glad you won! – 10.26.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל


  • Bread- Sweet Surrender- All Rights

30 thoughts on “Bread

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Daniel. I’d been praying also for Susan and it felt like a part of my own heart was missing, and my Beloved also said something could be wrong with her.

    Remembering that God’s angels are always on our side, slaying demons more often than we are allowed to feel, is so important in our being gentle with ourselves even when we stray in the dark.

    “In stillness of the mind, most soothing warmth of heart, enfolded in our gratitude you always, always are! Happy Birthday, Daniel Brother!”

    These are the lines that came to me two days ago, when Plutonia came across “Stillness of the Mind” and she loved it and I instantly felt that it was meant to be the visible part of our honoring you next week. In this video with Abel’s music, 2:22-2:29 features my hometown Thessaloniki’s misty waterfront at this time of year. Our “little island” here sighs in deep relief and gratitude. Huge hugs to your precious girl and you, my heroic brother.

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  2. Daniel you brought some tenderness to this old man’s heart with your wonderful melody to your beloved. Reading Bread, was like reading the thoughts of a modern day author of a “Song of Songs” for our time. Well done!

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