Mama (Bullet in a Bright Blue Sky)


She runs where her Mama dared her don’t try, the girl in her dares, the woman she would try. And all of the Mama’s with their lines say why? Yes, they do, they say it while their so tried. Where there’s a girl pregnant there’s a choice to hold a gift, and make it nice. To hold that precious and make it know her eyes.  And spirit and blood and grace in her smile, it’s a Mama who will make a child. Alone, so alone, even when he’s by her side, she will take her insides, and make the angel who gets her by. Sperm makes the real cry, but the womb, ask the child why, and Mama, you make him question why he lied, make the woman in her ask why she’s wild? Mama makes all the trials of childhood worthwhile.


Like Bono sang “Bullet in a bright blue sky it means there’s a labor of a woman, somehow, somewhere, read the words. The Mama wrestles with the angel while she breathes on this damn earth. And then Mama takes the darkness, and remembers her own Mama told her how and why, to preach the news in doctrine, how to bring a child. And then like the precious of knowing when all hell is gone. Mama takes her own, and we all know why. For you are crazy, just like your Mama’s child, you’re a witch doctor, that makes so many G_D’s smile, and you’re such a sweet, sweet child. Become such a child. For you are not wounded, that’s just your pride, you are alive, your, just your Mama’s child.


Mama is the loneliest woman, that really knows why, she’s the powerful one, when your alone, and the cries have long said goodbye. But it’s okay, for you have looked in a mirror, and whether you be a boy or a girl, in your own face you’ve seen a witches smile. And it’s there my friend by blood you’ve seen your Mama’s trial, and better than that you’ve seen her smile. And tomorrow, that day, that will soon be gone. Like a bullet you came into this time, from your Mama, you shot into this earth. And she knows you, she made you from her own, and the blue sky’s waiting, waiting to bring you home.

Mama – 04.30.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

36 thoughts on “Mama (Bullet in a Bright Blue Sky)

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  2. Beautiful & wonderful, Daniel! I loved your last piece, as well, but I kept getting an oops when I tried to comment. TY for all of your well done & thought filled pieces! _Resa
    This song is really moving.


    • Thank you Resa, such a wonderful compliment. I am thrilled that you enjoy my meanderings, and I’m hoping to talk you into writing a forward one of these days on one of my Hardy Boy pieces. I figure who better than she of Nancy Drew fame. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, how wonderful! I’m in Ottawa on a shoot right now, and up to my teeth. I return home the second week of July, so let’s set a date for around that time! ⭐ 😀


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