El Diente (Follow) 1990


For your ways are a different way, your voice so small, it sends me in, and I follow.

A place ahead, where heavens bent, above the clouds, where air is spent, I bend my brow, I cannot speak, for I’m alone, with my bare feet, on holy ground in simplicity, and I follow. Mountain range that meets G-d’s eye, am I awake or did I die, for vaults and doors are here for us to enter in and seek a trust, a two-way street, a two-way love, for G-d is here and I’m in love, and I follow.

El Diente, a raptured art, wrapped so high, an ark a path, and while I climb, I follow. For your ways are a different way, your voice so small, it sends me in. And there the wind, it speaks to me, high upon this mountain peak, tearing me, till I can’t see, yet still you want of me, and I follow, in disbelief I follow.

I’d like to say you hold me still, bind creation in my heart, but here just now, we are so far apart, like plants and stone, we cannot meet. Yet when I break, when I bleed, like here on this lifted place, I look and you say jump, and I will follow. And I will fall a thousand feet, rest my will at your need, and when I look you are high and lifted up, like always on this mountain peak, which you created and still you say follow, and I will follow.

El Diente’s trail makes me weep, when it’s winter, it plays my feet like a violin a string of glass, and yet I follow, where this way would have me go. If words could help, I’d sing them now, to the crest, the place of infinity, where G_D would turn to me and say follow. And I will breath here in this place forever, so high in your grace, free to follow.

For your ways are a different way, your voice so small, it sends me in, and I follow.

El Diente peak is a summit in the San Miguel Mountains of Colorado. It stands 14,165 feet above sea level, and to climb it in winter reveals an inner faith that demands one follow. – 03.19.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

13 thoughts on “El Diente (Follow) 1990

  1. the journey of your words wind around my mind drawing me in
    love the song….
    I miss Colorado..the only place I ever felt I was home to be just me
    Take Care…You Matter

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Maryrose, my grandfather was a man of the earth in Colorado farming his way through the great depression. My father was raised here and returned to die here, and now me and mine are here. I agree Colorado is home to many a unique special spirit. 😉


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