Miriam Thy Mother

She waits near the breakwater, the frozen moon strong, and all of the world sees her there, whispering her song. The reeds bend forward, and ask what words, she would have them pray to the river. She looks to the sky, her open legs wide, the time of her labor is forever, and unto the river, the one flowing long, she asks that a keeper be near her. She knows that a fountain will flow all year long, from mother to mother, forever so long, and prophets and beggars, teachers of song, whores of a kingdom, the hungry and wrong, will ask for her cover. The veil of her womb, rips and gives to the water, eyes open, a baby’s heard, and though she knows him, knows him by name, she hardly speaks it, except to pray, for that small bundle, that comes before, a million, thousand others.

Not far up the river, the place near the bends, that door we all enter, the dragon grins, for this is his kingdom, the city of night, the one we call living, this earthly plight. And he is a daemon, that’s put upon all, to speak pride and weakness and laugh when we fall. The chatter of words he whispers in heads of children and old men, who wish they were dead. It is such a sound of wings that all hear from that mighty river, a canal of fear. He lashes strange pictures in all of our minds, that show signs of weakness and faces in decline. He swims the narrows through, waiting for life to come through.

And though he is stubborn, and older than time, Miriam thy mother knows magic rhyme, and she chants true words, a belief in you, in this world and many others.


But view upon his head, he carries the bruise, the mark of a wound, a prayer of a mother of all worlds is used. For Miriam protects all she has birthed, like many a mother she whispers these words go on, life is here, go on.

Miriam thy mother all names she’s had, bringing her children through the river of dread, and all the reeds do turn, the moon still frozen seems to burn.

When life is all that’s had, the dragon of water, is speaking in one’s head, the river runs through you it always has, and Miriam thy mother is waiting up ahead, and she says with her names and her song, come on, your full of this life, carry on. – 02.18.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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