The Letter (Samech)

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.”

She drifts sometimes slowly, never broken from off the mountain, into the heart of my sea, a union that begins where that evening thought it had broken me. She settles deep, and soothes my wounds, takes me out and kneels me before the moon, yes in justice before the moon. “Look she says all around, is life, eternal, the wheel in a wheel, let go, be normal, rest in comfort, and just be here, and breath”. She takes my eyes from things around me, a letter opens herself in me, and all the restless fears of my nature disappear, everything is clear. She invades my pleasures, displayed within me, a spirit ring, a dance beneath me, the Tzadik of the world is near, so near. She speaks to me as final form, an inner journey in ladder form, so dear, she is so dear.

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.”

I’ve heard it said Samech’s a ring, a circle round of thought in we, that light of fire between our love, that turns us in, let’s say I believe. Come on you who have been felled by a daemon, enter the ring with me. Shadows fall within the light, a lunar ring, a conjugal rite, perfect, free, and endlessly. The world standing in and within water, a deficit waiting. Round and round beneath the moon, Ezekiel saw that wheel within you too, you see it’s within you too. So it takes you upon your knees, takes your breath, just like it did me, you’ll see, just like me. That letter is a perfect fire, a numerical value that never will expire, as said before it perfect, free, and endlessly.

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.”

I’ve heard it said it’s like Jung surmised, powerful footprints running from creation in your mind, and that could be, no problem that could be. The fifteenth letter of support, the foundation of a lifetime tree, for you and me, always and forever for you and me. But here it is a time to end, while this letter continues to drift on into me, so deep in me. Just know that as all ends, like a phoenix from the ashes I will ascend indeed, she is a part of me, and you too, I see her in you, indeed, perfect, free, and endlessly, oh my friends inclusively.

“As I have fallen, so surely shall I rise.” – 02.09.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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