When the Angel Comes Upon Me

“When the Angel comes upon me”

Lonely boy takes an ice pick reaches in his shyness, so congeniality, soul is broken in a thousand pieces so tentatively. Every story told in virtual, every song played out of key, every psalm scribed for the kingdom, waits so far behind me. Now alone, and in wild spirit with a love in harmony, bring you now me to a high place, such an altar where eyes can see. For you swore me to a secret such a long time ago, entered wealth just like a wizard, blessed me, then said let it go. Said would you ask for better, said you might become a king, but you said I’d ask for nothing, for that’s where beggars find wings, and it is unto your arms, I know others do belong, and I’ll ask them all to join me, but just right now oh so inward, it is such a place. Better than free, better than home.

“When the Angel comes upon me”

I think how cool it is to play music, something magic in key’s sharp, David must have been like Jimmy, playing a guitar like a harp. All those minors everlasting scales of lost in me, fighting daemons, with a story, they lost the war inside of me. There it was in something different, scenes and parts, no treachery, lifted you and put me in prison, one that covers no lies in me, but brings me home. My Adonai, better than free, such a place, better than home.

“When the Angel comes upon me”

Charting stars, that show a passage, every word a path somewhere, intricate a web of glory, to the ends of this earth, great dreams that dare. Now you place me on a mountain, say stay still and speak your worth, for like so many who read this, your place is better than you’ve served. For this rhyme is for the broken, everyone whose knelt insane, rise and take a talon reaching, let it scratch embrace it’s pain, know it now, breath in his name, you are in such a place, better than home. Better than free, you are better than home.

“When the Angel comes upon me”

I have become a Beth Hart fan lately, funny how the whole world has heard of somebody, except me. I wrote this after listening to her song “Better Than Home”. What a miracle it speaks to inside of each of us, in our broken steps that we take each day. It’s kind of like Robert Frost wrote, and I quote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. I thank Beth and Robert for such wisdom, it’s a blessing to be in such a place, better than home. Shalom – 01.27.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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