A Psalm of Haunting

*”Before the mountains were summoned, or the Ancient of Days had formed this earth, that even from everlasting to everlasting, even before you were formed, that tissue that breathes in the womb, even before your eyes were the color of dark amber, I knew you, and I made a psalm of haunting inside of you, for I am G_D”

A spirit wraps scenes, builds a life around me, takes me to the mountain than whispers see. It could be music, life upon a stanza, still the answer never wants to come to me. Shadows in living puzzles, wonder without breathing, haunting of the light, that knows not sun, nor does it freeze. It can’t be wonder, grace so unexpected, for it seems the expected has been told to me. Would it take me, cause me to see visions, know the place of G_D, the place of one? Can I touch it, psalm of the haunting, lyrical adventure beyond free? Syllables of lonely, well beyond the sunset, changes in the language, a different key. Face to face with tragic, joyful noise and magic, take the ghost of many, and fill my voided sea. And then I will know, what places I should go, inside, not as I would dare project, not introspection of the elect, just a haunting inside of me.

A love that pauses, in a sea of marvel, human oh I’m human, that seems all that’s wrong with me. Are there angels, tell me whirling spirit, are there daemons, that would do as I see? Are there verbs known, predicates of worship, points of the Magen that I haven’t seen? Can I touch it, psalm of the haunting, was it there in Meeker Meadow when a November moon placed hope beyond me? Dialects of wisdom, silence oh how silent, what forms of my knowledge how it fails me, now my Adonai, when you say simply, almost gently, turn around, and see the haunting. See!

A psalm of haunting, better than a knowledge of the tree of evil, or of life what that may be. In the stars around me, six points or whose counting, love of the light, that place of swimming in a timeless sea. Language of children, simple without asking. What is found is placed solely in front of what we always see. And it haunts us so, but in truth when were not told, that’s the space of time, a psalm of haunting makes us free. – 01.14.2016 – דָּנִיֵּאל

*Psalms 90:2, Jeremiah 5:1, Psalms 10:1

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