The Unbelievable (Angel Vespers)

A million prayers I prayed to heaven, for myself upon bloody knees, in times of crisis when the skies turned dusk to red, falling sunset leaves. And in the time of lost battles when in self I turned to need, a million times the call of heaven returned no answer upon my pleas. A solo call I wrote in darkness, Dante’s smile scribed in my need, a tune, a soul, a shave of whisker, turn my cheek, a bit deceived. The unbelievable comes calling, the answer what I can’t receive, better now you pray for angels, your neighbor’s soul is now in grief. For there in times upon cold winters when your heart is warmed and fed. The cold eyes stare therein no fortune, vespers are for those in need, vespers are for those in need.

The unbelievable of asking, when the battle is your own, angel’s vespers are not lasting, turn the world, the selfish own. Compassion strikes the light in heartache, though it’s blind to what’s not owned, the pure of heart, of G-Ds own choosing, a million prayers answered from those unatoned. So now in silence stand I asking for those of others, for not my own, will you turn now, to all and answer, the unbelievable a world so cold. Will you turn now, to all and answer, the unbelievable a world so cold.

A million prayers spun unto heaven, upon Shabbat, for what’s not known, the unbelievable I’m asking, not for me, but those unknown. For this you turn in tides it’s given, angel’s vespers, they can’t believe, you turn an eye and it’s forgiven, the beggar’s heart for unbelief. A million prayers, I pray in the darkness, for myself on bloody knees, you give them back all unanswered, but for one, that’s not for me. The unbelievable is given, when it’s for this world in need, the angel’s vespers are written, when a prayer is for my neighbor in need. Bless you my holy righteous neighbor who is in need. – 12.19.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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