Judges & Companions

For there are companions, and they come in the valley of tears, they come with hands raised, and they will not be judged!

Judges never have danced under the moon, no sir, they never have danced under the moon.

Judges all around you everywhere you go, morphed into your spirit, they tell you where you should go. Everywhere since worlds began, there’s been hypocrisy, some little law based on criminality. Politics in places, spurn they the mystery, of all that is in your heart, know they not when you breathe. Did you know that scares them, when you look unto the moon, frightens them like Socrates, frightened that, which never blooms. Like those three men of old, Meletus, Anytus and Lycon, they could not see, those shiny companions that loved philosophy!!! Judges never have danced under the moon, no sir, they never have danced under the moon.

Companions walk beside you, never far from where you’ve come. Never leading onward, or following what you have yet become. Is it not a miracle, you have so much to give, look unto the right of you, angels, wink and follow your eyelid, as it see’s, carefully, your companion, touches you, and gives. Everything from all you are, paths of horror, trails of stars, life that goes from beginning unto the end, even in your sin, companions live, forever with you, never judging, always loving, who you are.

And you follow them in love, they follow you too, your deepest darkest secrets, become companions too, and someday soon they’ll bring you home, turn around, and you’ll no longer roam, for G_D will love you, and you’ll understand….

The companion is all you ever waited for, the deep dark mystery, that, your shadows for, it’s you, oh my friend, it’s always been you.

Judges and companions, the world has always been, those who change your raiment, and those who choose within. For I would not have judges be, ruling over me, for there is only one who my name always see’s. For I am not an angel bought to live by rule of men, I choose my companions by the G-D who lives within. For stars they light a pathway, to those, who choose for want, to be a companion, to never judge their want. I will not allow a judge to rule over me, for G-D is my companion, we choose what I will ever be, and then my will, it walks forever, by my side, a great companion, from the other side. A great companion from the other side.

Judges never have danced under the moon, no sir, they never have danced under the moon. – 11.18.2015 –  דָּנִיֵּאל (Daniyyel) meaning “G_d is my judge”!

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