The Train & the Bird (1989)

Hold your spirit, hold your noise, westward gliding toward the mountains ahoy, and on 36 just past Bird City, a need for breath, comes just like a breeze.  Kansas holds a boy where the wheat says don’t hurry. It could have been a train that went by, your heart was kind of blurry, for you’re just a guy, westward bound, the beginning of somewhere, there’s the bird.

Why legions fly, white raptor in the sky, racing that train, over my Cutlass 85. The thundering of my heart sings, going along with a freedom, I may never know again, does G_D ever pretend. So you see I tell excitedly, to those dull eyes, the ones deep inside, the ones who never understand a bird, in the sky, a great whale so high.

I pace my speed to become faster than the train, it could never be, that some locomotive could win out over me. The miles flash by, on 36 across Kansas, headed it seems for Saint Francis, and go and go, that white bird still flies, an airborne burden in the sky. My windows down, nothing ever better, it’s now or here forever, to catch that train, and reach that place, where I might be to see everything that white bird sees.

A place and a day, where trains are foundations, and birds are symbols, of spirit and grace, a run across Kansas, 36 bonanza, the best of what my heart believes. A change all over Eden, the westward train receding, and north towards Nebraska, a bird flies, a message left behind. Unto me, I know, that everyday has something special it shows, and just like that day in 1989, faster through Kansas with wildness in my eyes, came a train. A slow moving piece of life to race, and in quarter time. A big white monarch in the sky, said better with me boy, come fly with me boy, come fly with me.

And there is a time, that comes in all of us, where we think, and we think too much, we picture trains going home across Kansas, and birds flying north to setting seas. For me I will hold my spirit, and hold my noise, and I will choose that day, that day that is before a mentioned, and see what that white bird sees. – 09.07.2015 –

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