Some call her wisdom, some call her earth, I am Pan, and I call her home!

Wendy senses shadows from each lonely boy’s needs, especially when battles of life is at his knees, and when that tattered head of hair has sunk to dark dirt below, Wendy sets her will to let the boy go into the woods. Wendy runs in ruins, her breast pointed forward till, to bring the last of sorrow, to best the captains kill. She is the dream of solders, the Vikings on the keel, to optimize their childhood, a man that is real. Wendy is the status that test cannot reveal, the psychosis of ancients, Olympus was not a hill, and there she is standing, her blazon smile so shrill, to bring this Pan to ever land, the clock is standing still.

Summer over played, good form we end each day, and every tunnel, every tree, the blessing of what we can’t see, you know each path in forest leads us home. Territory is not here, it lies in fourth dimension tears, every sign throughout the years is shown. For I have known my Wendy true, she leads me back and forward too. From arcs and treasure through a great display. Into a mystery where body’s play, it could be I have seen Babylon rise, and fall through Wendy’s eyes. A boy is not home, until he has known, the man’s true treasure in disguise, “The Fisher King“, to rescue the shadow inside, the great find, and all the time sweet Wendy shines. Throughout a Pan’s life, throughout a Pan’s life.

Is Wendy wisdom, is she strife, and is she like Helen that moves an army’s tide? Is she annoyance, is she so shrill, does she do magic, or does she kneed your conscience, to its black and white? All of these questions for Wendy’s life, could it be she’s your spiritual mother, man have you not tried? To forward your arms to where she goes, to have her mentor your shadow so, to fight your hook, and let your daemons flow. For Wendy lies in deep archetype, a royal sentence all of your life, for man is man until he learns to fly. Then Wendy smiles, as Pan learns to fly, she smiles, as Pan learns to fly.

Some call her wisdom, some call her earth, I am Pan, and I call her home! – 08.30.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

8 thoughts on “Wendy

  1. Cannot beat an acoustic guitar and sweet voices for musical perfection. These girls took me back to a time when, while doing voluntary work with a host of other young people, our entertainment was to gather round those who played and sing harmonies to beautiful songs.
    Simplicity, Daniel, it always comes back to the truths found in simplicity. In the woods with Wendy we may find it. 🙂


    • Thank you Anne Marie, I really enjoyed the music also. I want to find more covers by these two, they just radiate a simple pureness. Wendy for me is kind of the role of the older sister, where the lads have been given to her care, not really a mother, but a huge responsibility that she handles very well, and a touch of magic helps. 🙂


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