The Illumination (Dante’s Prayer)

“For I thought this ruler a taskmaster, wanting only words, that goodness would have sown, and much to my surprise he loved darkness as much as I.”

A shadow walks with Dante, indeed it has trailed him since he was born, and all the reason for his vanity, his cause of being just alone, cannot take from him the prayer before him, that one that leads him home. If he were to find great passion, some words to warm his bones, some majik on the horizon, that place that some have known. Then it is, he’d be forever, warmed by a stellar glow, some heat beyond indignation, the warmth of hell that he does know. For Dante rides imagination, this muse that seems so cold, but he does need to find salvation, for even ghost have to know. That though some words they lead an army, some thoughts they kill a soul, there is no substitute for adoration, when with some words passions are sown.

A boot he throws upon this highway, a step and more this Dante goes, for in his search of G_D’s own mercy, it starts his fever so. For he is the shadow of depression, the shrew that spins the morbid lows, the talent of libation. When liquor makes an author know, all of the rhymes of desperation, the ritual of the blow, the gasp of tears of sadness, the requiem where wordsmiths sow. All of this when life is harmful, all of this, this Dante knows, it cannot last a generation, these verbs of harm, this muse has chose. And so it is he strides a byway, a darkened trail upon the land, he chooses higher passage, to ask the one of what is planned. In serious doubt he looks to heaven, where rafters paint a sky, the moon that charts his laughter, the madness of his lies. And there it is a grand formation, a redness of the dawn, instruction for his coronation, not wrath for what he’s done.

And angels light bright candles, his knees they strike the land, for unto him there is given, a better answer than his plan. For it is true G-D loves a sinner, a spirit that gives to man, a daemon of the firelight, that quotes sweet words to what is mad. For this king needs healers, and words of charm, and innocence. To sooth his troubled existence, that boils within. But in this world of stasis, the need for balance must prevail. The truth be known about this sovereign, the need for Dante does exists. To bring the banter of all knowledge, of dreams of tortured bliss, for it is that there is mercy, and goodness of the words persist. They do persist.

“For I thought this ruler a taskmaster, wanting only words, that goodness would have sown, and much to my surprise he loved darkness as much as I.”-08.23.2015-דָּנִיֵּאל

*For my muse Dante, who is always there. J

8 thoughts on “The Illumination (Dante’s Prayer)

  1. Thank you Vicki, may be, just may be, the heaviest thing, I have ever written, and although I think it might be glorious, sadly I am not sure what it might all mean. I await wonderful friends and mystics such as yourself to discern, may be tell me what it means. Thanks again. 🙂


  2. I’m no mystic but I read this as a poem of hope and salvation. I think we all walk with the devil at times however even he believes there is a Redeemer who lives forever and wants good for all. I see Dante as a devil who is surprised when that Redeemer welcomes him with grace instead of condemning him with harsh judgement. Perhaps Dante was telling you to forgive yourself for things you are condemning yourself over. (((hugs)))

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  3. the high road is through challenges and obstacles
    perhaps the shadow is a place to pause and observe,
    not fret or get caught up in the past, just stand back for clarity….
    some decisions need changing maybe?
    each lesson is a choice…so many emotions to draw from…but in that pause
    draw on breathing, nothing more, the shadows will illuminate what you need to see….
    that new dawn awaits for your first step….maybe Dante is just playing the Devils advocate, getting more to question what they see, hear, what they want, and what they need to be balanced
    Everyone is worthy of redemption, if they choose to accept…..

    i like the flow of thoughts that come through from in between the lines…Thank you, it does give one pause to think
    Take Care…You Matter…

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  4. In among the letters and the words all muses cast
    Creator’s understanding of the ghosts of future, past,
    Benevolence, his bounty, in the dark he did create
    And, seeing not, bestowed the light, wisdom born in darkness’ state.
    We share his love of darkness and the light that gives contrast
    Fit requiem, a conscious soul, through tunnels built to blast.
    How may we love the light unless it’s sometimes absent too
    Dante’s gift, creator’s gift, for the souls of all. You too.

    What are you doing to me today, Daniel Swearingen?!

    I need to move myself and cease reading – it’s Rachel’s 18th today. She put me through a dark night not so long ago but her light was rekindled by the benevolence of He who knows that there is purpose in everything and lessons we need to learn and/or pass on through travelling through all tunnels.
    The peace of illumination and, by contrast, the knowing dark, on your journey, Daniel. This, for us all, when Dante visits.
    G_d knows, you know. 😉
    Just as well, really, because it sure buggers up my thinking sometimes. 😀

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    • The loveliest comment I have ever received, Anne Marie. Happy now belated birthday to your Rachel, one of my most favorite of Hebrew women. I have been there with my own before my friend, and she is now a shineing star on a hill, doesn’t make those dark times better memories, but sure gives confidence that the light does love us. Thank you for your wonderful comment above, I will always cherish the prose and meaning it holds. Shalom, Daniel


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