Gamble on Olympus

I’ll gamble in the darkness with a beggar’s spoon, the guy who walks with bare feet, I’ll make a holy wager with a mother in grief, who watches her daughter die in relief. I’ll fly right to Olympus to talk to strange lords, the ones who do not have my belief. Bet my salvation on a whore’s back, the one who makes money to watch her son eat. All in all G_D I come to your door, humbled but not ashamed, I don’t seek forgiveness for what I can’t explain. I’ll risk my heart and soul upon the world, where crime and darkness wait, give unto the hatred that has no room, and in its lack of conscience forsake. All in all you’re the light that comes from love, and hearts torn in open grief. All in all the faith that gives from some lost spark, gamble on….I’ll stake my song, and there I’ll find release. There I’ll find relief.

I’ll venture all my souls upon a mystical womb, the world that brought me to see, that Adonai in beauty is a stubborn moon, that judges on what we refuse to see. For all of life is beauty not just what we receive, for our neighbor knows more than we would believe. I’ll gamble lying naked under spotlights that stare that all and all is what you want of me, want of we.

I do not need Jesus just to touch your face, to know of all you want of me, but it could be that my friend needs his cross and blame, to just believe. And all his pain just goes away, when he takes a gamble takes a leap of faith. Buddha is a light that crosses lines, and floats in many windows, many ways, in patience all inner self’s find light’s rays, and in that, they will not need. I’ll gamble we all, will never need.

A pestilence is balance from a darkened plan, a one that relies upon reality. Pain takes no illusion or solution of faith, for in it lies what we all see. But still my falling wounded friend, I’ll gamble on you, I think it’s all worth the light indeed. I’ll gamble on Olympus, for I see it inside, a faith that explodes, and makes me free, and G_D it’s what you want of me, want of we! – 08.11.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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