Looking For Nancy

Just a little story, as you lay across your bed. A wish from your daddy as the hidden stairway, cast its shadows, cross your heart, and then your head. As you wonder in your curiosity for the days of what’s ahead, I will tell you of all the secrets, of the life that Nancy had. Now I know that I’m a daddy, and I only know things boys do, but I must confess a secret, I’ve been looking for Nancy too. For it is that life holds mystery and puzzles all around, and I think my little lady you have a clue to look around. For the days that are a coming, hold realities and dreads, and I think you must be ready to know for certain what’s up ahead.

Now I see that you are sleeping as all nine year olds must do, but I think, I’ll keep on talking, it’s like a blessing said over you. In your blue eyes I see Nancy, that I’ve looked for all my life, not a girl who controls when angry, but a Miss who seeks the why. I know someday you’ll find your attic, and your crumbling ivy wall, and you’ll not sleep very easy, till you solve it all. You’ll seek your social standing like a princess at a ball, and a good man will come seeking, his name might be Ned, no surprise at all. Oh the world will be much darker, but you’ll raise your candle high, always looking for the password not just waiting while others sigh.

It is true my little sweetie, I have looked for Nancy too, but as I see you in your dreamscape, I think she might just be you. I would bet in all you’re dreaming, you’re on a quest to find a map, you’re not a lass to be led. For it is that a true lady is a girl until she’s old, wondering about the mystery of why it is, of all were told. And the secret of time that moves old clocks, that speeds our lives too fast, oh I promise you’ll learn to own it, those wavering shadows will not last.

It is true my little sweetie, I have looked for Nancy too, but as I see you in your dreamscape, I think she might just be you.  I think she might be you.

For my Kaitlyn – 08.05.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

7 thoughts on “Looking For Nancy

  1. There aren’t enough words for how much I love this! The first book I owned and could read by myself was “The Hidden Staircase”. My parents could never afford all of the books but I borrowed from my Bestie at the time. My Caitlyn inherited the reading bug and I made sure she had every one of the “yellow series”. Meanwhile, I discovered the originals from Applewood… Heaven! Hardcovers with original artwork sleeves and the ink drawings and unabridged, ie; electric torch for flashlight. Such good memories of being up a tree with my book and a stash of apples in the summer 🙂


    • Hi Karin, thank you for one of the most wonderful comments I have ever received. I have several copies of the original Nancy Drew collection from my childhood and through the years I collected for my Kaitlyn. I was of course a Hardy Boy fan and have the whole blue backed cover lot and the originals as well. My friend I am sure we could visit for hours, when our heads were not buried in a book that is. My apples were beef jerky, and my reading spot was where ever I could find one and be left alone. If you ever have time (and not to push my own writing) ping in on the tab at the top of my page, that is marked “The New Hardy Boys” and peruse through. The tales are mostly true, and you my friend are my female Jason. 😉 Nancy is that you? 🙂


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