The Burning of Falcon Castle

The searing and screaming, the crows in the fire, the falcon higher, the ghost below in her aching desire. Gloria light, below as above, that which burns, cleanses senses, raptures love.

Gather you children a story at hand, a meaning in meaning from times that still stand, a place you can visit and now know more truth, a mountain castle the industrialist hood. Storm upon darkness, light after light, his second wife dead, and her bones turning white, just like the snow falling while there was still light. She lays at the foot of the mountain you see, dead but not dying from 1916. A high air in Morrison, Red Rocks below, yes Ethel played there her violin and bow, and Johnny Walker the Cosmopolitan king, laughs and he laughs, its part of his grief. Yes Ethel’s still playing so long after death, the castle above her, the train just ignores her, and she’s getting mad. Gather you weak souls, that believe good and bad, the witching of Falcon, will make you go mad, why yes Johnny Walker has done so much good, he’s created a steamer, and a college for hoods. Yes those Jesuits, they sing his good song, at Christmas in the castle, Maria till dawn. Oh poor, sweet, dang Ethel, she’s gone and so missed, but above here in Falcon, she’s hardly missed.

The library empty, the music room of stone, the strange twisting turret, Baphomet’s dong. So stars there still hanging twisted and black, and all through the year, a voice how it hums, a string of a difference, a voice where there’s none. It could be the answer for why nothings clear, a fog on the mountain, with Ethel’s stare near. While John Brisben Walker still strides to and fro, his eyes upon Denver, down there far below. Oh woman sweet woman, who played your sweet song, this castles now lonely, these ghost grow so long. The princes and warlocks, deceivers of men, they take up my mind, my heart it can’t mend. Oh Ethel sweet darling, maybe what I should do, is find me a starling, instead of a shrew. Devils and pines that surround this old life, while industry is waiting with me and a young wife.

Gather and summon you winds in July, in 1918, let the curse draw the sky. While Johnny Walker looks far to the East, and gathers the dimes from schools far and wide, to build there a White House, right next to his castles side. Why there, just below the changes are clear, down near the storm front, sweet Ethel comes clear, and rips all her clothing, from dust of the womb, and points her strange bow at the tide of the ruin. While John Brisben Walker walks in the storm, the lightning from heaven cleanses the strange castles form.

The searing and screaming, the crows in the fire, the falcon higher, the ghost below in her aching desire. Gloria light, below as above, that which burns, cleanses senses, raptures love.

Gather your mind, while it is still time, and hike there a mountain, go back in its time, and while the path covers a story so wild. Know in your mind a secret is lied. Know Falcon Castle burned in a storm, while so far below it, so far below it, Ethel lured a strange form. – 06.08.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

Once in a while you meet someone, very old, that tells you a strange story, a strange story indeed, when it is not Halloween! For the safer story of John Brisben Walker, and Falcon Castle, you can visit the following links.

7 thoughts on “The Burning of Falcon Castle

  1. This was so well done Daniel! The whole piece dances, gathering steam to that ending. Chilling and enticing all at once. Now I HAVE to go and read more of the story. 🙂


  2. Oh good, I’m glad you liked it Karin. 🙂 The story of John Walker itself is interesting enough. Some of the behind the print stuff of local gossip, really gives one the chill. Thanks for reading.


  3. Just the right side of creepy and mysterious! Now I’m curious. I read the link but I bet the local gossip, as always, makes for more intrigue. Ruins are so atmospheric. And that music! Are you sure it’s not October 31st?

    Liked by 1 person

    • So Google Red Rocks Amphitheater imagine it 1914, 1915 Ethel playing her violin between the rocks. Somebodies grandfather must of seen her there, playing, calling something to help her in her unhappy marriage. 🙂


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