Morgan Lake

Sing on sing on, from depths of dysphoria, moody gloria, a lake in the sun. From desert highland, sutured from dry land, aqua green, the devil hides one. The veil of creation sits on the banks to the east, looking on westward the rock of the ship turns and blinks. Pollution dried from the power of the sun. A service to some, a harbinger of days come undone. Taste the water swim into depths to believe, dark doom colors underneath. Brackish films of secrets of done filthy deeds, bodies may hidden awaiting none can stay. Rise on mist waters higher near heaven this eve. Dare the spirit of time to receive. At times a full moon has risen and shown your watery disease, and still this lake so still just like the Dead Sea.

Boil on, tank up, in power of your alchemy, wash all your sins, and see them still stay, Morgan, Morgan, a lake of your future, a past undefined, with liquid that’s waste. Year after year the water looks at the sun, it pays to scheme, and wash all your poison away. Still it does seem a cooling water, San Diego must have power this day. Somewhere in March, somewhere in February, your waters heated, seventy-five degrees every day. Could it not be, oh lake of green waters, you wish the power plant away. Leave me be, let me be gone in decay. Shore to shore, a veil of oxygen, elemental, carbon from water, still so still, no river to wash silt away.

Water for reason, liquid in sum, heated and cooled, over and over, lake I remember, can you be healed someway? Is your future the end of all age of days? Can the sun look down, and taste you, brine and fatal, venom from people, can you move forward, water from water birthed eternal singing immortal and play? Will you look toward the ship and play, someday? Will you look toward the ship and play, someday? 05.31.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

7 thoughts on “Morgan Lake

  1. Great song, Daniel. I’m not familiar with this artist. He puts me in mind of the Eagles and I love them.
    The words of the song and your poem really hit home.
    One of my dreams is that every place will one day only use renewables as a source of energy. There isn’t a single place I can think of where either wind, water or sun isn’t an option if the will and investment is provided. Unfortunately, I fear that corporate investment rather than government will beat all to the chase and then, despite environmental benefits, we’ll still pay through the nose for what is freely available.
    I was interested to read a few months back that the Rockefeller Foundation was shifting its focus from oil to renewables, purportedly for the sake of the environment. Galling to think that wars have been fought over oil, that long term implications for the future will linger all for the want of willing research and investment. If big money is shifting its focus there will no doubt be sudden advances in technological capability to harness enough energy from renewables.
    Maybe I’m just being cynical and there will be those who say that technology hasn’t advanced sufficiently to make alternative energy worthwhile. But if governments everywhere would get their finger out and pour money where it could do so much good in one fell swoop the positive implications in the short and long term would be astounding.


    • Thank you Anne Marie, for a great comment. I couldn’t agree more. In general, I tend not to get to political in my writing, but where the land, and waterways (water) are concerned, I do feel passion. Dan Fogelberg, was a wonderful artist who hot his peak around the time of The Eagles, Sadly he passed away in 2007, he lived many years here in Colorado, a transplant from Illinois I believe. He resided not to far from where I live now. When you get a chance I would encourage you to search his music out and have a listen. I’m sure you will find one or two songs you have heard before. 😉

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    • Hi Vicki, indeed it is, this particular lake is man made and its purpose was to be a cooling pond, it now covers I believe around 1200 acres. When I was a child, I used to play around it’s shores, its been there awhile. I think your thoughts on the air are particularly relevant, because it was there long before the lake. As always thank you for reading. 🙂


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