Seeth is a place in mountain woods, when I was hungry I came and I stood, and there did I stand to see your face, and there did you beckon and glow. There did you seeth. A branch not a cup that came in place, and grafted my heart, I was afraid. For G-D claims his own in dignity, there is no need to run or flee, and when you reach higher than you can breathe, he makes your life larger, and gives you reprieve. And he seeth, oh he seeth.

I thought myself farther along that trail, in near a cave where a daemon dwelled. And it looked like a mirror a way of my youth, it reminded me of all that I took. I thought I must cut him out by the root, kill him and leave him there ever forsook. It was a surprise that G-D lifted me, and gave me the sight the eyes of dignity, and he said for at that moment it was he, that cave is part of your home, when you understand that, you won’t be alone oh always looking, at that moment you’ll be free. For seeth that which is you sometimes is wrong, sometimes it takes that, and mends your bone, and here in these woods come forward and see your way is my way in dignity.

So in those woods I climbed a tree, and reached for authority from heights, I sold myself to see, and then I was falling, the ground it came fast, oh speed from heaven like when Azrael my brother of old went past. I thought myself lost, just like him, groaning and lost, bound by a fawning my loud gratuitous thought. But then my arms reached for dignity, that clear decision that was born in me, from holy to holy, from sky to sea, flying above domain of wood and tree. From the midwife of spirit of mountain seed, I birthed my way forward beyond the trees and seeth rose into creativity, beyond all time to a frozen sea. Adonai, Adonai, are you here, in this blanket of freeze, do you hold several keys that will help me believe. In it all I am cold, and it’s so hard for me, said a rhyme from his lips, where’s your dignity. You are one in the wood, where light falls through trees, unified with your fear in a cave, where your heart thought deceit, climbed you high reached below, fell you fast; till you flew in your dignity. Now you stand on the edge of a vast cavernous sea, frozen here in my time for your great inner need.

Melt me, take rime from me, seeth me now in dignity, seeth me now in dignity. For I am a spirit, sometimes lost from thee, and my heart, it craves, like all that seeth, beyond and between to know you in my dignity.

Seeth is a place in mountain woods, when I was hungry I came and stood.

For it is not as man seeth: for man looketh on the outward appearance, but Adonai looks upon the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 -04.07.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל 

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