A Whisper (By Night)

“By night”,

Come to nothing, rise to me, know about me, everything, eyes left shining, blinded by a labyrinth of destiny. All in all, strange night calls, like sweet Samuel heard it all, can my heart handle what a moonlight finger in the sky draws. Doors that swing inward out again, daring smart, strange spirits a wind, take the magic of your grace that tempers desperate dark pleas. Have you lessons while I lay, my face in the temple shade, so it is a strange array of breeze to me. Those rituals told by fire, with cuts of Baal and manmade liars. They the balance and the foe, they worry me. For round this world they come, again looking for wary desperate sins. Is it is not wrong to turn when you can’t retreat.

“By night”,

For I believe when you call, separate my life from it all, take my mind, and bury me in dreams. What is this, a cold stone floor, used by me to know much more, crawl those words of light throughout my head. Throw me out away from dread, love oh love a heat filled sea. Open wide the life of a star, a treasure, a light of a giver. “Samuel” just a whisper, for long, and twisting a child has died, turned in body then to rise, a force of Canaan all in mind, no words will move by me. A breath or a scream, they make no difference, they both speak life, and now they spin, within a sound, purpose Yisrael. El is found, no other will bow done, what do you have me sing?

“By night”,

In Eden a darkness, a land, with no room, for a king. Samuel a song, a word on its own, whisper a whisper, riddles are hidden and reasons prolonged, for that which you fear, a kingdom so near, that rises and falls, while you wait for me to call. A song,

“By night”.  A whisper.

03.23.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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