Regina (Angelspeak)

She said I did a lot of thinking as I drove down 25, and the thing that you were claiming what you saw as your dad died. Seems to me it is a pickle of what you should say or do, I’m thinking deep inside you my friend, he saw the better side of you. For that she was a wonder only twenty-one and rare, from Alaska this soft angel, kept my mind from desperate terror. The curves of this Regina, she was sexual like the heights, of McKinley on a cold spring day, she blossomed all out right. But she never bode me go there for she knew, my promises, said baby in the next life, you’ll take my body there. She kept her figure distant, and she gave of her insight what a friend I had in Gina when my world was not upright.

So it was I cried a cold tear on an early May morn light, and I told her of my father, who had been a greater right. When the wind it came down sweeping, from Cheyenne it rode a plain, and she tucked me in her small still place and in her grace she sang. Yes it’s true you’re like an older friend that for a while, will cry, but listen to your little Gina, and loosen your disguise. For I am not here to kiss you, and I’m not here to take your heart, for it is unto another, where there is that faithful spark. So I tell you, your daddy, knew you better than you are, you are like a chosen sparkler, an apostle of the stars. I can tell you how I know this, I can tell you how it comes, but you listen to your Regina, you are brighter than the sun.

She said I did a lot of thinking as I drove down 25, and the thing that you were claiming what you saw as your dad died. Oh I think he knew you were magic, and from your words you would someday rise. What a lesson she was to me, as we sat and talked that May, and it turned me into something, I would need for coming days. It is true I wonder many times where that young girl went, for I would just like to thank her, she was a friend, when life was spent. For it could be she was vapor, brought on by a risen flame, from my tears for my daddy, may be for that thought she came. So it is now that I write to her, and pray this special word, may you know more than your happiness, for indeed you sowed its worth. – 3.16.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

2 thoughts on “Regina (Angelspeak)

  1. This speaks to me of promise, Daniel. In so many ways. Promises made, promises kept, promise inherent, promise yet to come. Throughout, it holds true to that. I feel sure this is a true poem.


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