Leon (Clear Water)

It’s a guess of what we are, better friends strewn from some star, and my guess is we see through a scene. Johnathon or David, placed in earth’s ring, and we climb looking for a Haiku’s end, though to find, life’s not clear, Dante’s rhyme, words straight on though this life full of sin. Raise the forest from their din, world of wonder for us friends. Though we pray our hearts are strong enough, round the world, will life be enough, we will find when all comes to a close, your eyes grey, and mine might be closed. There will be water flowing through, all our worlds will see clear water through. Clear water!

Like when children, we built a dam, tried to stop the laws of man, and they came, and tore us into two, round this world they bore through me and you. Came the rains that we could not hold on, oh my friend we cried through it all, for clear water. Where we go, the sky still comes, dropping hints, that we are not done, so it goes from your breech, you will not fall, oh my friend open up and drink clear water.

Leon dwells from day to day, setting time with words he plays, and he listens to all that goes. Ancient pulse, his brother knows, for the challenge of my lost years, I would go deep inside, take your tears, and there I’d find, nothing wasted or nothing new, just the dew of G-Ds chosen few, from clear water.

Folly makes the world were in, maps are drawn by simple men, though they make chains, we still will fly, graft our armor from stars passing by. For we know, little brother for the world were in, those of mystic, and places where we been. When we bend down to bare our heads, in the end when chaos is dead. When we touch the place of debtor’s relief, there as brothers, we will find, we will finally drink of clear water. Clear water. – 02.28.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

This poem was inspired by J.R. Richard’s song “Clear water” (video below), it is written for my friend Leon whom lives in Greece. I have never met Leon, but yet I have, and I feel sure as my brother on the other side of the world we are searching so diligently for the same thing. He might be just a little closer than I, to finding clear water.

J.R. Richard – Clearwater

8 thoughts on “Leon (Clear Water)

    • Thank you for your words. Someday you must give me a first name where I can address you by that. 🙂 Leon is to me, a worthy man of much more than I have written here. I wrote this without saying anything to him, not to bring attention to anything but to let him know, I am here! Leon I am here and with you looking for clear water! 🙂


      • So full of Your appreciation and heart’s warmth we both are, beloved Winged Woman. You are a heavenly gift for us, sweet sister, and I am so grateful that the tides of Eternity have brought all our souls together again.

        Our beloved brother Daniel,
        Thank you for maintaining such a sacred temple of humanity. As I say in my dedication to you at the end of my latest post [published today], what you have done for me here, I will be holding within my soul for countless lifetimes to come.
        This time around, you are barely a decade older than me, my big brother, so we have much more wisdom to awaken to together.
        Thank you for giving me unbelievable strength in my overwhelming struggles.
        In eternal gratitude,

        (((Healing threefold hugs)))

        (I passed on this love and used this amazing song and video for another threefold hug I shared today [here]; our sweet sisters Lily and Holly have also been struggling, and all of us five people are very watery astrologically.)

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      • My name is Vicki, but Winged really describes me best as I have been hurt, however am learning to fly. I added a “my story” page to my site to give some context to the poems I write. I so admire your talent, willingness to share, and willingness to be a conduit for your muse(s). Leon has special place in my heart and I imagine he will treasure this piece when he is able to view it.

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