Driving Snow

When you’re driving snow, it’s like a woman’s body, you’re careful where you go, speed and then slow. For your find yourself, watching atmospheric pressure, sometimes warm, in slush a slicker row. Now take your time, your certainly no genius, G-D created snow, well before you know, and just like that she’s carbonate elusive, your tires and handling, can take you where you don’t want to go. A weaker sort can live a long a beach front, bathing in sand, and watching skin glow, but laziness, finds, a lack of imagination, there’s plenty of that when you’re driving snow, you know, the man who drives a cold winter road, he knows about snow.

Elevated time, to drive a peak, a highway, somewhere up where there’s a lot of snow, frozen gift, a find , a sort of magic, white pale skin, the kind that makes love flow. Driving snow, well above a tree line, changing letters for words to help her know, that when your ice, you radiate the sunshine, closer to life, than heat would ever know, some grow, oh man, when your sliding, turn your wheel into the slickest snow, and learn about what you should know. Some would fall fast and drive around a freeway where ploughs have been, it’s safe to go. What chance is that your soul will not find freedom, learn to spin, a blizzard, will not fold. In time, you learn to love to drive in pretty snow, the man who drives a cold winter road, he knows about snow.

Now that’s men, let’s talk about a lady, one who shines pure, a light of driven snow, have you been looking for a freedom, a man who drifts, or a man who likes to drive snow. That fella there whose not much for talking, the one who drives where others won’t go, let him take you to a place of mystic, where there’s going to be a lot of snow, then smile, slip and live a drive through a mountain snow. The man who drives a cold winter road, he knows about snow. – 2.16.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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