Sea of Japan

Someplace in a noon day sun, a business class of flight, a man that looks a lot like me, wonders what it’s like. To look upon the Sea of Japan, and see the broken waves. To wipe the wonder from your eyes, the message in your sight. To know the drops of water rising so wet down below, were raised to you by something else, a love that grows so bold. For fascinated is that man in of all of what he sees. It is he still cannot comprehend, the nature of belief. For on this flight that rides the world, from time zone future, back, down into the water he thinks G_D is looking back. It surely is not a face of pain, or judgment of life gone wrong. Neither does it seem to say, you’ve sinned and don’t belong. And boy oh boy, from altitude from maps of days long seen, a message that traces lines into the deepest of the seas. Did you know the secret of what I learned this very day, the sea might keep its dead of night, but it gives some life away. And when the water whirls in mist and forms words in the air, a man might rub his eyes and think he’s something rare. The truth, the truth, in honesty, the sky around speaks it all, the love that rises comes right back, in water crest and fall. For what this man hails in flight across the glossy tide, is G_D appreciates my love, he holds it oh so tight. For this day long, for all I go into the world from now, for this Sea of Japan I see a miracle of how. It grows on me, as higher still, something sees me smile, and it does appreciate my love, as only light knows how. – 01.30.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

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