G_D’s Own Tune

Come on, come out…exit this door, I invite you to come out and see that there is more. There in the field, there by what’s stored, there by what happens soon.  Known by your time, charted in tune, known by the month, there is no moon.  What’s left of old you, that part by the ruin, forgotten by lore, remembered by you, torn in your life, now made by G_D’s tune. The daemon a star, Azrael in strange bloom, that jagged old edge, will weave by a loom, what dragon you say, has entered the room, that slag off the edge, will chase desert doom.

Enter by time, G_D’s own tune that, thought lost, craven in wound, healed by the look, darkness in touch, bound now in sound, Aleph his much. Found in the plain, running through wood, divers in water, for all his good. While there is darkness, the kid sent around. Chastened by devils, your breath is found. While there is silence, found here in the dark, his love in energy, infinite spark. Did you not know it, while you came in ruin, there was your nighttime summoned by lute. Have you not heard it, G_D’s own tune?

Summed by your creator, all by energy, that alchemy, destined by the law of E=c digested free, two when he has you, G_D’s own tune, darkness from ruin.

Do you not know, or maybe can’t hear, have you not heard that firmly laid poem in your ear. From your beginning, wove like the night, is it not centered like energy his thoughtful delight. For what is cunning, by dark without might, when you are cut, there by those thorns, there is no light. It is then by his own tune, terror is scattered divided when there is no moon. What is the reason, for balance in might, all is a feature, all in its physics, G_D’s own tune. God’s own tune. – 01.22.2015 – דָּנִיֵּאל

8 thoughts on “G_D’s Own Tune

  1. How can I thank you enough for Aleph? Ineffable oneness I never forget, but being torn apart by trials, this incarnation I regret. I’m so misplaced, I sense no exit, you caught me just before the dive. How can I thank you enough for keeping this kindred mystic’s heart alive? My soul is not here, has not descended, its largest portion is high above. Leon holds her hand, might help a few others, thanks to Daniel’s true brotherly love.


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