Kiki Sang (She Just Wants to be thin)

All rights to photo to Debbysh at Deviant Art

She wasn’t an old man, a year ending in review, a staff carried, a cane, a tattered resolution not come true. She wasn’t a scorned bitch snarling at the door, talking of her anger a revelation underscored. What year was she then, this, that ended in pain, the one that started with promise, a thought, and a claim? Was it then, she was a baby, a chick, with a dream, that thought of the days ahead starting clean. Did she hear Kiki, hear what Kiki sang, when the previous year ended, no resolve, no gain. The day at an end, and she just wants to be thin.

In tides without moonlight, the ones moving fast, the dream that just happens, when the years closing fast. The promises of January, the ones without sin, still she’s a little uncertain, just wants to be thin. She still needs a reason, a thought that shows real, to leave all that history of food and the thrill. It could be this death now, this passing of year, will bring her a new time, a shattered mirror. Through monochrome speakers that lie shallow deep, still in the flood zone, Kiki’s voice leaks, and Kiki sang. Because it could still be better, “the dream she can’t show”*, the starving of selfdom, the losing of soul, and if next year’s better, then wonder it’ll be. December is ending and still she’s not free.

“There’s no easy way now, to learn how to fly”*, to bring in the New Year, and leave life behind. She see’s moving shadows obese and grotesque, waving and willing, to weigh than attack. What words in pure logic, that lie in her wounds, that tell her, to try again, the new year starts soon, and Kiki sang, “wasted, so wasted on the floor”*. The truth it resolves her to try just once more. So when this dear woman stands tall on the first, and stares at her waist line, deceived by her girth, she’ll promise earth’s models, the ones, she’s told win, she is just beginning, she just wants to be thin. – 12.29.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

It is estimated that up to 4.2% of females will have Anorexia Nervosa during their lifetime. It is estimated that 4% of these Anorexia individuals will die from complications of the disease.

*Sugar on the Floor – Kiki Dee

Sugar on the Floor – Kiki Dee

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