We Melt Away

First there were four!

She put a coat of many colors on my gray, watching my old inhibitions melt away. It could have been a Sunday noon, or just as we watched the moon, but suddenly our years were in play. Woman with the hair down in your face, did you ever think our children would bring us grace, for all we know she’s driving high, he’s the journey that makes us cry, the pace that brings us to our breaking place. Through the years have mocked us, some have stung, a leviathan of dollars come to none, and yet we touch our magic hands, grow real close without a band, and when the silent music starts to play, we melt away, love, we melt away.

Courage is a word, applied by some, perhaps those of them who have none. Not by human motive, a space held by a sun, not found by a totem, or when your yoga’s done, but by pure faith, we have made our way, my woman, oh in time we melt away. The knock upon the door it tells of pain, another empty promise gone away. A child that has lost their way, another creditor that won’t go away, I know, we pray. Storms that catch our souls when we our shunned, blessings mounted on the second sum. This, that too it also goes, a step or two and backward throws, my love, we melt away, my love we melt away.

Needs that captured life by counted score, destiny that faltered, than roared. What has happened to our lives, were melting and there’s no divide, Adonai, the angels play, we melt away my gift, we melt away. Suddenly one instead of four, apocalyptic divides by two division source. Destined to the fates of find, the great of answers there we rhyme, and then I take you, oh my lady, now, we melt away in one, we melt away.

Now there is one! – 10.14.2014 – דָּנִיֵּאל

4 thoughts on “We Melt Away

  1. Divisions and multiplications, children gone and issues returning, scores melt away. All in one. All for one. All are one. Melting into one pot. I hope you and yours are well, Daniel. It’s all just life.x


    • Hi Anne Marie – yes it’s all one life and we struggle with it as one. Makes for us a great team! We are better than ever, I do appreciate you asking though. Hope all is well on your side of the pond as well. Shalom, Daniel


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